Cold Metal in My Garbage Can


Maybe scrap metal thievery is a bigger problem than I realized, or maybe this new Tennessee law is over the top.

The legislation, signed into law in April, requires scrap metal dealers to register with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance by Oct. 1. People selling metal must have a state or federal photo identification card and provide thumbprints. The dealers will have to purchase the equipment needed to take these thumbprints, and the photos, if the sellers don't have photo identification. These sellers would still have to present some form of state- or federally-issued identification to the dealers.

Well, at least it'll crack down on crime and let upstanding businesses continue selling metal. Maybe?

T.J. Garland, part of the family that owns Noble Metals on Belgrade Road, said he has to build office space, hire a secretary, and buy a $20,000 camera and computer system to meet the requirements of the new law, which takes effect July 1.

"It's horrendous," Garland said Wednesday.

Well, maybe Garland was one of those skinflints who deserved to be put out of business.

To combat thefts from his eight-acre site, Garland has an armed security guard and three strands of razor wire attached to an eight-foot-high chain link fence around his yard.

Where have you gone, Julian Simon? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Headline explained here. Apologies to you and to the Iggy Pop Reputation Restoration project.