Oh, Dear God No


Submitted without comment. From the AP:

CNN's Lou Dobbs isn't talking about rumours that he's thinking about running for governor of New Jersey.

Dobbs lives on a 300-acre farm in Sussex County.

Dobbs told The Star-Ledger of Newark he's "not going to comment."

State Republican chairman Tom Wilson tells the newspaper the Dobbs' buzz is circulating among GOP officials and fundraisers in New York City and Washington.

Wilson says the first thing Dobbs should do is register as a Republican. The CNN host switched from the GOP to an independent in 2006.

Actually, allow me one comment. A silver-lining, pointed out by Reason Foundation's Director of Government Affairs, Mike Flynn: "Well, at least it will get him off of television."

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  1. Two points:

    New Jersey does not share a border with Mexico OR Canada, thus depriving Mr. Dobbs of his signature issue.

    A person successfully running as an Independent is a boon regardless of his/her personal or political idiocies, because it damages the hold of the two monster parties.

  2. This is what a Lou Dobbs town hall meeting would look like:


  3. Dobbs lives in New Jersey?!?!

    That strangely answers a lot of questions and at the same time adds to the confusion.

    Still it explains his anti-Mexicans in America screed.

    He is simply distracting the rest of us from the true noble goal of keeping residents of New Jersey from immigrating anywhere in the US.

  4. It’s all win as far as I can see. NJ is just the nations asshole anyway. How much damage could he possibly do? With any luck at all, they’ll catch him taking mob money from a hooker.

  5. Dobbs is the most unbiased teleprompter reader in the business imho. Just the facts.

    Glenn Beck is a close second.

  6. “Oh, Dear God No”… yep, says it all.

  7. Good. Now all he can do is bitch about the New Yawkers and Delawaronians coming in an takin’ awr jawbs!!

    Cue the snapping gum.

  8. NJ is just the nations asshole anyway.

    Armpit. Not asshole. It smells like an asshole, but that’s just armpit BO.

  9. While I don’t think there’s any chance it could actually happen, the idea of watching Dobbs trying to deal with the Jersey political bosses, and the edicts of the state Supreme Court is terrifically entertaining. It’d either be great politcial theater, or they’d eat him alive.

  10. He’ll stay off television until his gay sex scandal comes to light.

    Yep, doin’ my part to combat America’s weight problem, one gross-out at a time…

  11. At least im getting out of Jersey while I still can. NJ politics is a complete mess, at least Corzine seems to be trying to do something about it…however slight.

  12. Personally, I don’t particularly give a rip about NJ. However, there is some silver lining if Dobbs can introduce some sense into their Lautenberg-esque assholery on a national level.

  13. Let’s see those wetback Pennsylvanians try to sneak across the Delaware on his watch!

  14. “Well, at least it will get him off of television.”

    Don’t forget radio, too.

  15. Does Dobbs have a felony conviction or at least known ties to the Mob? Because, hey, this is New Jersey we’re talking about here, right?

  16. they’d eat him alive

    Yeah, he’s too squeaky clean for Jersey politics.

  17. dude. lou dobbs’ wife is MEXICAN. I shit you not.

  18. No trade with Pennsylvania or New York; border guards to keep the shoobies from coming down the shore.

  19. However, there is some silver lining if Dobbs can introduce some sense

    That there is some comedy, yes sir.

  20. Dobbs is the most unbiased teleprompter reader in the business imho. Just the facts.

    No it’s Greg Gutfeld.

    And unlike you, I am being serious.

  21. If he runs I hope he does it as an independent. I agree with Elemenope’s sentiment on it – keep the big two parties in check.

    I’d still never vote for him though.

  22. I believe Kevin is right.

  23. Lou rules.

    Along with George Will.

    I watch him every evening while taking a bubble bath.

  24. I hope it’s with my bubble mixture (see link).

  25. Ok, that’s an awesome invention you’ve got there, Robert. You should market that to goodvibes.com or babeland.com. Put it in a pink bottle with a picture of a soft female bottom on it, maybe a pink bow around the tob, and call it Love Bubbles or something. Girls will buy it like crazy.

  26. Undercover commie…

  27. New Jersey does not share a border with Mexico OR Canada, thus depriving Mr. Dobbs of his signature issue.

    In the North America board of RISK for the PlayStation, I believe there is a sea route from Yucatan to New Jersey.

  28. Funny how in any other line of work (besides “commentator” or “politician”), the believing in one’s own bullshit is considered a bad thing…

  29. I don’t think I’ve ever watched this Dobbs character on the tube but I did hear him once for ten minutes or so on the radio, not knowing whose show it was. It was kind of like encountering some guy at a bus stop who talks to you for five minutes in a calm, rational way and then asks you if he can eat your underwear. I don’t remember what exactly Dobbs was talking about but after a few minutes it was suddenly all about NAFTA and giant sucking sounds…

    But if they want to vote for him in New Jersey I’d say good luck to them, they’ve probably had worse than a semi-lunatic in their statehouse.

  30. New Jersey, where political careers go to die.

  31. Northwest NJ is rather upset over the new develpment restrictions in the highlands. Dobbs could ride the backlash in a campaign.

  32. “We used to have something in this country called Free-Enterprise Democracy, and now these jackass economists want to come along and replace it with something called the ‘free market’ or ‘free trade’ or whatever.”
    -Lou Dobbs

    Proof that the nation’s media are fully committted to providing equal opportunity to the mentally handicapped.

  33. Lou Dobbs is just a massive douche. He’s only independent in that he doesn’t care what irrational fears he plays on (See both his screeds against free trade and immigration).

  34. Ha ha, New Jersey, you suck.

    NJ is just the nations asshole anyway. Hmmmmm…it’s got a nice ring, but I still think we should stick with “The Garden State.”

  35. I’ve got it!

    New Jesery: The Asshole Garden.

  36. You jackasses are undermining the very basis of our democracy, which is based on me being able to call you jackasses for thinking differently from me. You’re all in the pockets of the Democrats and Republicans, and waging war against the American Middle Class, just like your brown corporate paymaster terrorist Chinese friends!

  37. New Jersey, where political careers go to die.


  38. oops, forgot the 3rd “E”.

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