The LP Convention: Day One


Bob Barr (right) speaks with a delegate.

Anti-Barr Massachusetts delegate Jim Cassarjian-Perry smiles after asking Barr about DOMA. He wasn't satisfied with the answer: Barr didn't apologize for the provision that allows to DMV to reject his marriage certificate and refuse his hyphenated name change.

Outsider candidate Daniel Imperato mans his booth. I asked Imperato why he only got one vote at the Constitution Party convention. "That's what you get when you've only met the party three days before!" he explained. Ex-LP Executive Director Shane Cory had told Imperato to try the Constitution Party, as it was more religious, and Imperato considers it a mistake. "I'm definitely a Libertarian," he said. "I'm a man of reason."

At the Radical Caucus booth, volunteers hand out copies of an anti-Barr leaflet and instructions to get a $1 delegate pass.

The Radical Caucus is handing out this anti-Barr flyer.

Michael Jingozian has cracked the code of the hospitality suite. He's also provided thick binders for the delegates to hold their convention materials in, complete with Jingozian '08 slogans.