Live from the LP Convention: Things to Do in Denver When You're Libertarian


I've started uploading photos from the Libertarian convention here: There are captions for everything, some more explanatory than others. The lighting down in the Exhibit hall, where these were taken, is fairly lousy, but I'm correcting for that from here on in.

You'll notice a lack of "DRAFT TUCKER CARLSON" memorabilia. That's because that story has taken most people here by surprise. Radical and reform delegates alike are confused by the rumor, the only evidence for which seems to be shadowy polls sent to NC LP politico Michael Munger. There's more support for a Ron Paul draft than for anything Tucker… but I want to hear Carlson's response to this.

In case you're wondering about the anti-Barr movement (there is no other anti-candidate movement), I've posted the "CALL TO ACTION" flyer making the rounds. Libertarians are classier than the scum who run dirty campaigns at the Conservative Political Action Conference, so there's no hidden agenda. The radical caucus is pushing these.

For other breaking LP coverage, I'd suggest reading ComicsPundit, Thomas Knapp, and Third Party Watch. The latter blog in particular is breaking news and putting up fast responses to swirling controversies.