Live from the LP Convention: Poor Richard's Almanack


Richard Viguerie is surprised that Libertarian delegates are making such a fuss about his attendance at this convention. "Can you imagine a church that was trying to grow its congregation and told quote-unquote sinners  that they weren't welcome?" Viguerie laughs. "Put on this sackcloth, and walk around on the streets for a while! Ten years should do it."

The Viguerie "issue" is manufactured, at least as far as the "conspiracy" part of it goes. Viguerie will admit anything. Yes, he's looking at becoming a player in Libertarian fundraising. "This is a perfect storm right now. Conservatives feel disconnected, they're not happy with their nominee—this could be a big year." Yes, he's working with Shane Cory, who worked at the top of the LP for years. "I'd been trying to hire Shane since 2005! I'm trying to grow the conservative movement." Viguerie dismisses the theories about him as "too many free spirits trying to find something to fight about. They flatter themselves if they think I'd take over the party."

In other "stop the right-wing coup!" news, one of the platform planks that will be voted on (the committee recommended it 8-0) is "Defense Against Taxpayer Funded Presdiential Campaigns." The gist is that if an LP presidential candidate wins 5 percent of the vote, the party can prevent anyone who wasn't part of the convention for nominating that candidate from nominating the next one. According to the summary being handed out, if the LP scored 5 percent and matching funds it would "lead to many DC organizations weighing the chances of success and cost to takeover our Party." The solution: "Raise the cost and reduce the chances of success of a hostile takeover attempt so that no one even tries."