Everyone Hates a Sad Professor


I think culture wars progress on a bell curve. A decade or ago conservatives ran Colorado from stem to stern and routed liberals on taxes, abortion law. In the late 90s and early 2000s the culture wars simmered down (we can argue about the role Columbine had in this) and the Democrats became more competitive. In 2004 the Democrats wrested a Senate seat and the state legislature from Republicans, and voila: the Ward Churchill scandal erupted. The fight is back in conservatives, but the stakes and gains are smaller.

Churchill's gone, and the University is poking around for a "professor of conservative thought." Tom Tancredo applies (with his tongue firmly in cheek):

I should be the clear favorite for the job, Tancredo said. Who doesnt want a slightly used Congressman, with a 98% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, educating their children?

As for his references, Tancredo listed conservative commentator Pat Buchanan as well as the entire Minutemen organization.

The Tancredo suggested curriculum would include Western Civilization and the threat of Islamofascism, English Only 101, and American Assimilation, which would replace Chicano and ethnic studies.

Tancredo also plans to secure the border around the CU campus with a 20 foot high fence.

Tancredo concluded, In addition to my experience as a teacher and politician, I promise to have immigration officials check every student prior to all my classes.

Via Michelle Malkin.