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Attn: SoCal Reasonoids—McCainapalooza Tour!


This Sunday, May 4, I will be at the Palm Springs Book Festival, hawking McCain: The Myth of a Maverick, and appearing on two panel discussions: 1) "The Presidential Race," at 1:00 p.m., featuring Hugh "A Mormon in the White House?" Hewitt, Robert "The Pornography of Power" Scheer, Greg "Armed Madhouse" Palast, and John "Pure Goldwater" Dean. And 2) "American Imperialism and its Consequences," at 4:30 p.m., with Chalmers "Nemesis" Johnson. Between those sessions there will be an interesting-sounding discussion on Barry Goldwater.

Can't make it to the land of shag carpets and fabulous waiters? There will be other opportunities to hurl pricey foodstuffs in my general direction. On Saturday, May 10, I'll be speaking at a meeting of the Rancho Palos Verdes Democrats (both of them?), details to come. On Wednesday, May 14 at 7:00 p.m., I'm apparently delivering a lecture at the Pasadena Public Library.

And on Thursday, May 15 at 7:00 p.m. comes the big enchilada—"Deconstructing McCain," a Zocalo L.A. event at the gorgeous Los Angeles Central Library.

Each and every one of thse will feature plenty of time for cross-examination, semi-hostile discussion, and book signing. Most will involve (please Jeebus) some post-game libations.

Speaking of John Dean, he's got a new piece out today about the testy relationship between McCain and the maverick senator he replaced, Barry Goldwater; something you can basically read about in our two books, and nowhere else. Here's an excerpt:

Although Goldwater initially supported McCain's run for the Senate, Goldwater knew an opportunist when he saw one, and did not like any of them. We chose not to dwell on the McCain/Goldwater relationship in Pure Goldwater, but we did report how, after assisting McCain win his Senate seat, Goldwater was forced to pull McCain up short for using his good name for fundraising, when McCain had tarnished his own name because of his involvement with the Keating Five. We also included correspondence to shows that McCain is not very good at keeping his word.

To know Goldwater—as we believe those who read his unpublished private journal will—is to understand how different these men are, and to see that McCain is cut from very different cloth than Goldwater. Goldwater considered public service a high calling, not an ego trip or power play. McCain was fortunate that Goldwater never publicly exposed him, but Goldwater was too good a Republican to do that and he thought too highly of McCain's father to sink his successor in the Senate.

Had Goldwater publicized what I believe to be his true feelings about John McCain, I doubt McCain would be the presumptive nominee of the GOP in 2008. Goldwater's political perceptions of others have proven extraordinarily prescient, so his reaction toward McCain is telling.

Look for Daniel McCarthy's review of Pure Goldwater in our June issue. And check out Nick Gillespie's 2006 review of Dean's Conservatives Without Conscience.

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  1. That’s some neat logrolling Dean and Welch are doing there.

  2. $50 bucks for whoever goes to this and then runs up to Matt at the event and says “save the cheerleader, save the world!”

  3. “The Presidential Race,” at 1:00 p.m.

    I thought all that flap about Sen. Obama was done with?

    Matt, can you ask John Dean why he is so scared of G. Gordon Liddy and keeps getting his butt kicked in court by The G Man?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Yeah, I wonder what Goldwater would have thought of Obama.

    Any guy that thinks the capital gains tax is proper to increase, regardless of revenue, as a fairness issue because people make too much money, is so far beyond acceptable it’s not worth discussing.

    McCain’s annoying but he’s not a Marxist.

  5. Any guy that thinks the capital gains tax is proper to increase, regardless of revenue, as a fairness issue because people make too much money, is so far beyond acceptable it’s not worth discussing.

    Why he hates grandmas and orphans is beyond me. Next thing you know he will advocate taking away the means of drug production and their dividends from Exxon stock.

  6. I was just reading about McCain’s call to oust Russia from the G8. Not only would all the all other countries have to agree to it; according to the rules, Russia itself would have to agree to it.

    McCain is a schmuck and a loser, who’s completely ignorant in what supposedly is his area of expertise.

  7. Good point Welch,
    The most admirable thing about Goldwater is that he was too good a person to reveal any damaging details about McCain. We know that it might have been tempting, but for the good of all that is holy, he helped protet McCain’s good name. That should be a message to any anti-intellectual,racists,rockwellians who might wish to sabotage the Republican McCain during this election.

  8. Colin,
    McCain’s desire to oust Russia from the G-8 is in line with the great internationalist intellectual ideals of the real foreign policy experts. Only a isolationist would be against trying to demonize Russia and spit on the faces of it’s leaders.

  9. McCain was fortunate that Goldwater never publicly exposed him, but Goldwater was too good a Republican to do that and he thought too highly of McCain’s father to sink his successor in the Senate.

    That is not the mark of a good Republican. A good Republican is a good American first; loyalty to the party must always come a distant second to loyalty to America.

    This “Reagan’s 11th Commandment” b.s. needs to stop; it allows dillholes like Cheney to hide behind the shadow of a great man when they can’t win an argument.

  10. So Goldwater endorsed McCain, but ended up not liking him because McCain wasn’t a worthy successor?

    Well…so what? Name one current Senator who is. At least McCain didn’t write “It Takes a Village” and doesn’t have a plan for increased federal involvement in pre-school.

  11. Mr anonymous,
    You have a good attitude. You should vote for McCain. When you are working for me in my international mandantory volunteer program and paying $50/ton into the international voluntary carbon tax democracy fund you will understand that our return to international greatness is complete. Don’t fall for that socialist Hillary, McCain is the man.

  12. Couldn’t a libertarian find a better place for promoting political content than our PUBLIC libraries, paid for by our tax dollars? I don’t love any of the candidates, but I’m voting for McCain, and I hate that my money is implicated in campaigning against him.

  13. Adina, you do realize that those same tax dollars went to buying the library’s copies of The Communist Manifesto, The Audacity of Hope, and The Prince, all books written by people you don’t agree with. If our PUBLIC libraries are going to be used for promoting political content, then there might as well be a libertarian in the mix.

    At any rate, I’ll be sure to make the Pasadena lecture. And Episiarch, I’m holding you to that offer.

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