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Warning: This Post Is About Alan Keyes


Alan Keyes wants the presidential nomination of the conservative Constitution Party—but does the Constitution Party want him? Jim Antle reports that Keyes' pro-war positions haven't endeared him to the party's isolationist rank and file:

Ricardo Davis, the state party chairman for Georgia, says any attempt to abandon the antiwar stance will go over about as well as the New Coke. "What if I was the new CEO of a midsized company and decided embark on a strategy to sell a 'me too' product that negates the company's unique sales proposition?" he asks. "What if that sales proposition is held dear by most of the sales and marketing management in the company? What do you think will happen to that company as I try to change the company's direction? A train wreck would look prettier!"…

Last Thursday, Keyes took part in a conference call with state Constitution Party leaders. Instead of smoothing over their differences on the Iraq war and other issues, at least one participant remembers Keyes being more interested in talking than listening. "I appreciate that Alan speaks his mind," says Davis. "But he is seeking our nomination, not the other way around."

Keyes has supporters, too: Some CPers seem to believe, in the face of massive evidence to the contrary, that his fame will make him a vote magnet. The Constitutional convention is coming up this weekend, so we'll soon see if Keyes' semi-celebrity status is enough to outweigh his support for Bush's foreign policy.

[Via Freddy Gray, a young Englishman who "was only recently made aware of the extraordinary Mr Keyes. I am now obsessed. Is he not the most entertaining politician in the world?" I remember that feeling, Freddy. Time will pass, and soon you'll be sick of him too.]

NEXT: "You have been warned: green fascism could soon be on the march."

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  1. I think I can safely say: no one cares.

  2. Who thinks that Keyes will fare better against Obama the second time around?

    Lincoln did better against Douglas the second time around, but I doubt the CP is going to make the jump from third party to major party like the GOP did in 1860.

  3. I think I speak for most people when I say: Alan who?

  4. Does he not have a day job? I only hear references to this guy in an election year, then POOF! He disappears for another 4 years.

  5. Who thinks that Keyes will fare better against Obama the second time around?

    Well, I voted for Keyes in that election. Maybe I’d do it again. Then again, maybe not…

  6. “Warning: This Post Is About Alan Keyes”:

  7. Preview, dammit, preview!

    “Warning: This Post Is About Alan Keyes”:

    Thanks for warning me off.

  8. Will he jump into a mosh pit at the convention?

    Even better if his estranged daughter shows up — the one who a few years ago called herself a “liberal queer.”

  9. If you’re running a political party, and you are thinking about Alan Keyes as a way to gain market share, then you might have a problem.

  10. Other than his little skin color problem – Keyes is the prototypical Republican.

    Well – other than the fact that he speaks eloquently, that is.

  11. I always thought Keyes would take the Kermit job after Jim Henson died.

  12. No one mentions it but Keyes has another problem with rank and file Constitution Party people. Don’t forget that they came out of the Wallace movement and have more than their share of white supremacists and racists. Mr. Keyes is the wrong color for a lot of Constitution Party folk. They might like his radical theocratic positions but the least popular groups in that party are blacks, Jews, gays, and international bankers (see group #2) .

    As a theocratic conservative I would think Keyes is pro-Israel and that won’t sit well with the CP klaverns either. And then Keyes daughter is a lesbian so that might alienate some of the sheeted ones — but Keyes has been sufficiently viciious to her in public that it might not make a difference. But all in all Keyes is not going to appeal to the George Wallace rump in American politics.

  13. Children’s Story Time with Trapper Jim

    Boy howdy. I hope this convention is on C-SPAN. Between Keyes and Trapper Jim, I sense good times all around.

  14. Time will pass, and soon you’ll be sick of him too.

    Oh yeah, you will.

  15. Pro-war Alan Keyes as the nominee of the Constitution Party? Crazy! That’s like having drug warrior Bob Barr nominated by the Libertarian Party!

  16. I honestly support Alan Keyes. I have followed him to the Constitution party. However my support is support for traditional Christian conservative values in the White House. I am a former republican. I believe that the values of the party are not consistent with my personal values. However I am also finding that even in churches I do not agree with values. For instance I was a youth pastor at a UMC church. Now I am not saying this is true for all in the denomination but this particular church fired me because I refused to teach Islam as equal to Christianity. I believe there is one way (Jesus Christ) but am finding I am becoming a minority because of that belief. I support Alan Keyes because I believe he would support Christians and reduce government.

  17. Warn me off? Hardly. Keyes’ name is what attracted me to this article. He’s in a league of his own, ABOVE every other political leader or candidate in the land.

  18. As a theocratic conservative I would think Keyes is pro-Israel and that won’t sit well with the CP klaverns either.

    I’d expect that he is. He was Bill Kristol’s roommate at Harvard, and a member of the campus Straussian Society, IIRC. Given the circles he runs in, you can assume he’s pretty much a pure neocon. And given the Straussian connection, you might also reasonably question how sincere his theocratic tendencies are, as well….


  20. If only his brain could keep up with his mouth…And I really don’t get the pro-war Christians. Saint Augustine & Cicero and all the other “Just War Doctrine” great thinkers basically said: “you don’t get to wage pre-emptive war,” and 9/11 didn’t change that.

  21. A pro-war candidate to lead the Constitution Party? No, I think not-Keyes has one trait that he shares with Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton and that is he is a professional candidate. The oinly time that you really see him out on the hustings is an even numbered year that coincides with election years. No, no to Keyes. Anybody but Keyes for President.

  22. Watch for yourself Alan Keyes’ address he presented to the National Constitution Party Convention this evening. It’s archived here:

    Alan Keyes Constitution Party Speech

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