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Politics Is Hell on the Homefront, Too


Though he wins re-election handily every six years, and his machine still effectively runs Arizona Republican politics, it is kind of funny how John McCain is despised, challenged and occasionally defeated (in minor elections) by activist Republicans in his home district, who dislike him because of immigration, abortion, and his temperament (not necessarily in that order). The latest, from an Arizona GOP insider:

John McCain's slate for important state convention delegates, was unable to muster the necessary votes to win in his own home district.

His list included three GOP precinct committeemen who had endorsed Democrat Janet Napolitano for governor and whose names appeared on the pro-abortion WISH List: Sharon Harper, Kahryn Nix and Brenda Sperduti. […]

Along with the cookies, cupcakes and McCain lapel stickers, a "Recommended McCain Delegates to State Convention" list printed on McCain's letterhead was distributed to committeemen entering the meeting. Previously, letters were mailed and follow-up phone calls made, to ensure support for McCain's hand-picked slate.

RealClearPolitics on "McCain's Arizona Problem" here. Seeing Red AZ's litany of complaints here.

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  1. McCain is the devil’s arse – Evil, full of shit, and capable of spewing forth hot and angry loads of putrescence.

  2. Evidently, being extra-crazy about Iraq doesn’t make up for being semi-sane in other areas.

  3. He’s widely seen as a carpetbagger and a RINO here in AZ.

    According to my pop, when McCain first joined the Phoenix country club he told the boys (mostly old men, but that’s how they talk) in the card room that he was going to run for office as a Democrat. They told him to forget about that, so he became a Republican: in name only.

    You know there was once a strain of principled Republican in politics exemplified by our own local senator Goldwater. Didn’t last though, did it? BTW, Barry Goldwater’s grandson Bobby used to cheat blatantly in junior tennis tournaments. He was the only kid at the club who always had to have an umpire for matches. It seems the apple rolled away from the tree a bit.

  4. The GOP is scum until they denounce the Christo-Fascist element gripping them by the nuts.

    Until then – shiv the bastards in the neck every chance you get.

    McCain – whom I used to respect – is exhibit A in his suckacy to the Dobson/Falwell/Hagee element. He needs to lose for this reason coupled with his war-mongering tendencies.

  5. Hate to highjack, but isn’t it odd that Reason chooses not to cover that other totalitarian regime, i.e. The People’s Republic of China, and their pesky Olympics problems? Click my name for a 1-minute propagandic video diversion from the Endless Presidential Campaign. Or not. It’s OK.

  6. Matt welch – one trick pony. All McCain, all the time.

    Beat that dead horse Welch. Your next career move awaits you.

  7. “Isn’t it funny…?” Not really, it’s old news. What’s funny is Reason attacking McCain not for the myriad of things that they disagree with him completely on, but exposing his weak Republican stance in those areas (immigration, abortion) where he is perhaps slightly more libertarian palatable than the average Republican.

    Bob, if you are going to write out what it means, you should usually do so before using the acronym.

  8. Harpua,
    No need to care few-a
    It happens all the time
    He beats McCain-o

  9. John McCain is occasionally defeated in minor elections??!? Last I checked, he’s been undefeated in his elections for the Senate! The definitions of “defeated” and “elections” here are being tortured beyond recognition here.

    Welch, I fear you’ve lost all sense of journalistic integrity in this ridiculous Ahab-esque quest to harpoon the great white McCain.

  10. Until the MSM stops fawning over the “maverick war hero”, no amount of McCain bashing is too much. Fight on, Welch!

  11. McCain [insert Presidential candidate name here] is the devil’s arse – Evil, full of shit, and capable of spewing forth hot and angry loads of putrescence.

    Certainly true of Hillary, no? And while Obama has managed to not spew personally, plenty of people in his entourage manage it on his behalf.

    Something about the arrogance, narcissism, and sense of entitlement that make people do what it takes to be President, is my guess.

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