He-Wolf of the FIA


I do not expect to read a better lede this year:

Max Mosley, one of the most powerful men in world sport, was under pressure to resign as boss of Formula One's governing body last night after he was exposed enjoying a Nazi-style orgy with five prostitutes.

Mosley is the son of Oswald Mosley, founder of the Nazi-era British Union of Fascists. The "Nazi-style orgy" involved…well, let's go back to the story in the London Times:

The Oxford-educated former barrister, who is president of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), reenacted a concentration camp scene in which he played the role of both guard and inmate.

Speaking in German and brandishing a leather whip, he beat the women after allowing himself to be subjected to a humiliating inspection for lice and an interrogation in chains.

That's surprisingly egalitarian for a totalitarian torture fantasy. I don't think Mosley Sr. believed the guards and prisoners should have a chance to trade places. Progress!