The End of Mugabe?


According to a report in the BBC, Zimbabwe's Hitler mustache-sportin' dictator Robert Mugabe is close to finalizing "a deal" that would bring an end to almost thirty years of foul Zanu/Zanu-PF rule. In most countries an electoral rout wouldn't require "a deal" to cede power, of course, but in Harare things are never so simple. A year after acknowledging that his country was a "laughing stock," Mugabe explained to reporters just what democracy meant to him: "If you lose an election and are rejected by the people, it is time to leave politics." Thanks for the civics lesson. Bob:

The outline of a deal has almost been reached for Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe to step down, opposition sources have told the BBC.

They say representatives of Mr Mugabe, military chiefs and the opposition have held meetings chaired by South Africa since Saturday's elections.

The sources say Mr Mugabe is to give an address to the nation but urge caution until the announcement has been made.

A ridiculous—and ill-timed—opinion piece in the New York Times recommends that the West simply "make peace with" Mugabe's election thieving, and predictably blames the spectacular failure of the government's land requisition and redistribution program on perfidious Albion, ignoring Zanu-PF's habit of bequeathing farm land to people who had never operated a farm.