Less Research Is Needed!


Arguments against genetically modified foods almost always begin with the contention that research is preliminary and inconclusive. Well, this doesn't help:

About 300 protesters invaded Monsanto's seed research unit in southeastern Brazil to protest Brazil's approval last month for genetically modified corn from Monsanto and Bayer AG for sale and planting, destroying a greenhouse and a testing field.

Much more on GMOs and Africa here.


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  1. Anonymous post?

    Is there some April Fools joke here?

  2. I bet they were all Brazilian nationals too, and corn farmers every one.

  3. While I can never agree that less research is needed I can certainly agree that we know enough to move forward without waiting for further results.

  4. If I had a time machine, I think that I would go back in time and disrupt most food-related innovations. That way, the planet might be hosting maybe 2 billion people in total (if even that!) and we would have 1) fewer idiots and 2) less socialism.

    With less crowding comes greater freedom.

  5. we would have 1) fewer idiots

    Are you volunteering for the purge?

  6. Without idiots, who would govern?

  7. With less crowding comes greater freedom.

    Uh, have you ever been to Canada? Eh?

    (no offense Arensen)

  8. About 300


  9. Episiarch

    None taken. I know whereof you speak.

  10. an employee of mine gets into some pretty heated arguments with me about the merits of GM crops. He basically thinks monsanto is the great satan. I’ve learned a great deal about the minds of people opposed to GM.

  11. what about people opposed to Ford?

  12. Aresen,

    You should’ve used all caps for that bold-italicized “know” for SUPER emphasis. Just a tip for you to use in the offing.

  13. The state of Minnesota is saying the same thing. Come on you don’t want us to do research? lets just create databases to manage the population of the planet better, what could be wrong with that.


  14. NP



    *Ours aren’t due until April 30 & I’m getting a refund, but the bottom line is, that the tax & other government take exceeds my discretionary income.

  15. Aresen,

    Heh. I should’ve said BOLD-ITALICIZED CAPS, but OK. And yeah, you might wanna reduce your withholdings a little… I can clearly see you do mind giving an interest-free loan to Uncle Sam.

  16. Do the anti-GMO morons even know anything about genetics?

  17. NP

    My loan is to Stephen Harper, not Uncle Sam. ­čśë

  18. Jim Bob | April 1, 2008, 2:21pm | #

    Do the anti-GMO morons even know anything about genetics?”

    What do store brand goods in black and white labels have to do wit anything???

  19. Aresen,

    Ha, I didn’t know you’re a Canuck. My bad.

    Jim Bob,

    No, they were genetically modified at birth to be unable to digest any information relating to genetics.

  20. Less Research Is Needed!

    Well, sure. There’s a Scientific Consensus!

  21. This stuff is funny. I was a grunt worker at a place that tested hybrid seeds (this place was actually really nice, hiring low skill labor for a solid wage, and they could barely find enough workers for some reason), and we would occasionally go over what the protocol was if there were ever protesters (no comments to the media lol).

    Unfortunately, no one ever showed up.

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