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More horror stories from the NHS dental service, from the Times of London:

Health service dentists have been forced to go on holiday or spend time on the golf course this month despite millions of patients being denied dental care.

Many have fulfilled their annual work quotas allotted by the National Health Service and have been turning patients away because they are not paid to do extra work. This is despite the fact that more than 7m people in Britain are unable to find an NHS dentist.

Patients have been told they must either pay privately or return in April when the new work year begins. People suffering from toothache have been advised to go to hospital.

Or they could just get the pliers out.  

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  1. I wasn’t aware that limeys went to dentists. Ever.

  2. Michael Moore could fix that.


  3. It’s a man’s life in the British Dental Association!

  4. An entire nation of VA hospitals.

  5. I’m against national health care, but I don’t think you can induce that all such systems are as bad as the British one.

    When I lived in Prague, I had no problem getting a dentist, or a doctor.

    The problem was the cost of the insurance. I was paying for insurance roughly what I pay here in the US, but doctors were only getting paid about $200 per month, and there was no fear of malpractice suits.

    If the same system were applied here, one can only imagine the costs.

  6. I’ve heard quite a few horror stories from people who come to the U.S. and are shocked by the difference in quality. A lot of UK dentists simply tell their patients to live with conditions that would require emergency attention here.

    When the government assigns you work instead you being forced to compete for customers, the incentive to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction is close to nil.

  7. Hmm. So I can’t blame the British teeth entirely on the poor chavs that have them. The NHS shares a large part of the blame as well. That’s good to know.

  8. Now we know why the British famous for keeping a stiff upper lip. It’s because the bureaucracy forces them to.

  9. Poor Flopsy’s dead and never called me Mother!

  10. I know nationalized health care is bad and all, but is this really the best example of why? It says in the quote that the new work year starts in April. It’s March 31st, and I doubt every single dentist met their quota for the year. I’m pretty sure the people who can’t get one can afford to wait, and if not, there’s the hospital.

  11. Michael Moore could fix that.

    by taking them to Cuba.

  12. I know nationalized health care is bad and all, but is this really the best example of why?

    You mean it isn’t good enough?

  13. And did those teeth, in ancient times, walk upon England’s mountains green?

  14. Zero

    Try waiting even one day with a toothache sometime.

    In any case, by the time it makes the Times of London, you can bet it has gone on for several weeks.

  15. I know nationalized health care is bad and all,

    Can we do this badly in America, too?

    Yes We Can!

  16. I’m pretty sure the people who can’t get one can afford to wait, and if not, there’s the hospital.

    Thanks for dictating to people what they can and can’t do. That is precisely the problem with nationalized health care in the first place: people like you thinking they know what’s best for other people.

  17. Not that anyone cares, but the name of the Newspaper is just The Times. The London part went long ago.

  18. Oh, sure. You can wait. Yep, if you have an abscess you can wait while the infection finds its way into your bloodstream and maybe even into your brain. Yes, toothaches can lead to death.

    Sure, you can go to a hospital for that abscess, but they’ll not know what to do with you – and may even decline to see you, since they’re not dentists. They may, if you’re lucky, give you an antibiotic, but it’s probably going to be the wrong antibiotic.

    So, while you wait for a dentist to accept you for an appointment, you can load up on an antibiotic that will do nothing but destroy the floral balance of your system while your risk of a brain infection increases daily.

    Yeah Zero, it’s perfectly reasonable to require emergent dental cases to wait.

    I’m not making this up – this was the experience of a close family member right here in the USofA. It’s how bad it can get when you get that abscess on a holiday weekend and have to wait for the dentist offices to reopen. How much worse must it be to be forced – by the government, no less – to wait even longer!

  19. Lunchstealer:

    I warned you, no, I warned you about the slogan, right. That’s the end. Stop the blog! Stop it.

  20. It’s a man’s life taking your clothes off in public.

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