Raining McCain


You might have seen this, but even if you have, it's worth watching again (and again and again):

I am not sure if John McCain approves of this message.

Reason's Matt Welch in the NY Times on McCain's "usable contradictions."

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  1. I prefer this McCain related video.

  2. I’m not a McCain fan either, but suggesting that he be beheaded seems extreme.

  3. So, this was put out by the Dems? I had thoughts of suicide listening to that. Fortunately, I remembered the “close” button at the last minute.

  4. Produced by Tim and Eric?

  5. The three leading ladies could be far more unsavory and still accurately depict the GOP.

    The Grand Old Creationist Party – opposed to those dadgummed “secularist Hollywood, comedian. author, thinker” types for over 6000 years!

  6. Tim and Eric = worst shit ever

  7. Ahh! Ahh! Oh God, make it stop! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Please, Nick, don’t ever do that again…

  8. Sorry, but saying it’s “raining” your candidate when he’s clearly old enough to have incontinence issues is just disturbing.

  9. And I thought Nick liked me.

  10. The crappy blue screen effect with the lady’s dress was a nice touch.

    Clever idea, poorly executed.

  11. Do you think that woman’s pants were supposed to do that?

    Or did the whole “green pants/green screen” thing not occur to anybody until post-production?

  12. Marcvs, joe – If you guys think the chroma key issues were the worst thing about that video, all I have to say is “wow”.

  13. I know this is a lightweight/fun stuff site, but those who prefer things that matter might appreciate this McCain video. Sorry if things that actually matter are off-topic. This other guy (i.e., not me) had some good questions too, but he seems to have stopped uploading videos.

    P.S. As a treat, libertarians will appreciate this.

    P.P.S. Don’t watch any of those videos.

  14. Only election coverage I’ve found yet worth reading.

    …seriously, this alone should put him over the top.

    That going to take a fifth of Scotch to erase the images scorched into my brain. And I’ll never get those three minutes back! Don’t you have something better to do like saddle soap you jacket.

  16. I’ve heard a fair share of embarrassingly off-key singing in campaign videos, but man… this one is beyond embarrassing. McCain better not endorse this utter disaster of a pep rally if he wants to extinguish any doubts as to his (allegedly) imminent senility.

  17. I made it to 1:17. Now I know how McCain felt when he was being tortured.

  18. The worst thing, Baked Penguin?

    Don’t make me choose. I love them all.

    Go McCain!

  19. BakedPenguin | March 26, 2008, 5:32pm | #

    Sorry, but saying it’s “raining” your candidate when he’s clearly old enough to have incontinence issues is just disturbing.

    There’s no bladder man for President.

  20. Jesus Chrysler, Nick, you owe me a bottle of wine for putting that vid up. You gotta warn a guy.

  21. Nick,

    What TWC said. You are on notice sir, pull a stunt like that again, and I’ll be forced to question your love of black leather and latent Johnny Cash tendencies.

    Jeebus H. Christmas. There had better be a snark girl T-shirt ad on the home page by morning.

  22. Conservatives seem to have a disdain for celebrities making a political pitch, and they’re right. Let’s face it, we all love celebrities, but what do they know about politics?

    Well, I love fat women (physically and often). But, just like Hollywood celebs, I have to wonder how obesity gives a person political insight.

    I’m sure there’s a wonderful joke about “It’s raining pork” but I’m just too tired.

  23. God bless John McCain. If not for him airline attendants would always be rude to me. The way things were going I might have even been roughed up by those scoundrels. His support for an airline passenger bill of rights solved that problem.

  24. could someone please post a direct youtube link to this please? Trying to watch it on my iPhone. Thanks!

  25. I don’t think Obama Girl has anything to worry about.

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