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Jane's Says: Iraq Only 22nd Most Unstable Country


Touted by a Wash Times story on soon-to-be-released report from Jane's Information Group, the respected rater of safety in countries:

Despite an insurgency and sectarian strife dating back to the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, Iraq is listed by Jane's risk analysts at 22nd among the world's 235 countries, territories and political entities, on par with countries such as Burundi and Nigeria.

"There's no doubt that Iraq right now has perhaps the world's most virulent insurgency within its borders, but the country has its strengths as well," said Christian Le Miere, managing editor of Jane's Country Risk, the journal that compiles the rankings.

The Palestinian territories are most unstable, followed by Afghanistan, Haiti, and seven African countries in the top ten. Pakistan is 28 and North Korea is 45th for those keeping score. The Vatican and Sweden are the most stable. Where's the U.S.–what with that porous border and all them guns? Look it up. 

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