Wait, I Thought Norman Lear Liked the French!


Well, if the Democrats win the White House back in November, at least we'll know for sure that the days of infantile French-bashing are over! Oh wait.


The ad's progenitor, the lefty-Dem Campaign for America's Future, accuses McCain of costing the U.S. and A. "40,000 jobs," because Airbus beat Boeing on that one contract. As Isaiah J. Poole explains, in a piece entitled "Merci, John McCain, for French-Frying American Jobs,"

McCain has repeatedly voted against bills that encourage defense contracts to be awarded to American companies. In 1996, McCain voted to table an amendment that required defense contractors to indicate on contracts what percentage of the contract would be manufactured in the United States. The amendment would have also required the Department of Defense to treat this as an important factor when awarding contracts.

Moreover, in 2004, McCain proposed and voted for an amendment to allow the Defense Department to waive "Buy American" requirements, opening defense contracts to firms in seven countries that have a "declaration of principles" with the United States.

I swear to Dieu, these people are trying to make me vote for John McCain.