The Friday Political Thread: Race for the Presidency Edition


Unconvincing Quote of the Week
"I didn't do this to make him like a scary black man."—Lee Habeeb, editor of a video that makes Barack Obama look like a scary black man.

The Week in Brief
– Barack Obama told you to stop being such a racist.
– Hillary begged Michigan and Florida to give her her ill-gotten delegates.
– Liberals gathered at Take Back America.
– Lawrence Lessig launched his Change Congress crusade.
– John McCain toured Europe and the Middle East, gaffe'n all the way.

Below the Fold
– A MyDD blogger does a hell of a lot of homework on Pennsylvania demographics.
– Michael Dobbs sifts through the piles of bullshit that make up Hillary Clinton's Bosnia story.
– Charles Murray revises and extends his positive take on Obama's big speech.
– Spencer Ackerman settles scores with two Iraq War journo-hawks.
– Gregory Scoblete sees National Greatness Conservatism slithering back.

I head to the parallel universes of Japan and electronic music for this week's Politics 'n' Prog: Yellow Magic Orchestra, dai ski des!