Prohibitionist Bracketeers Unite!


If there's any bigger college hoops fan than Nick Gillespie, it's John Sidney McCain III. Go to his campaign website now to fill out your bracket and compete head-to-head against the Maverick! No word yet whether he's offering campaign swag to the winners like last year (UPDATE: "You'll also be eligible for great McCain 2008 prizes"!), or whether there's another potentially illegal office pool at his campaign HQ, but we can say for sure that the Arizona sports fanatic is the most influential voice on Capitol Hill for banning all gambling on college sports.

McCain supports an Internet gambling ban, wants to federalize oversight of professional boxing (and not just because his status allows him to get choice ringside seats in Vegas), rid steroids from even amateur sports via random drug tests, and regulate the supplements industry. Read all that and more in this 2004 interview with ESPN, where he commits the even more grievous sin of comparing the great-but-quiet Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (whose blog is a daily must-read) to the great-but-assholish Barry Bonds. Oh—and he reveres John Wooden for making Bill Walton cut his hippie hair.