"Your Matter Is Our Market! Your DNA Is All We Need!"


Worried about "the elusive dangers of nanotechnology mixed with the recklessness [of] capitalism"?

Have I got the "interactive/walk-through sculpture that educates" with "sensor-equipped sniffing sculptures" for you!

"Inside the Wave" is a showcase of six Tijuana/San Diego artists. One part of the exhibit features disembodied Spanish, English, and German voices saying:

"Your carbon is our lifeblood! Your matter is our market! Your DNA is all we need!"

Whoever wrote up the event for the San Diego Union-Tribune seems as baffled as I am, noting that "It isn't entirely clear what the health effects are of the strangely-named nanoparticles (like carbon buckyballs or halogenated phenoxy)."

Read about what our future with nanotechnology and capitalism will be like in Todd Seavey's "Neither Gods Nor Goo." (Hint: no apocalypse, lots of stain resistant pants.)