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Your Great and Terrible World


Some recent blog-post recommendations sent along by loyal Hit & Run readers:

* Chicago education chief wants to start public boarding schools.
* Jaguars (the panthers, not the cars) make a comeback in the Southwestern U.S. [pdf].
* Lawrence Welk vs. The Hippies.
* Democrats pull plug on telephone located inside Capitol deli, saying workers were using it to make personal calls.
* Competitive Enterprise Institute launches national ad campaign against Al Gore.
* Ilya Somin conducts a multi-post seminar of sorts about Steven Teles' new book, The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement.
* "The Boston Zoning Commission unanimously approved a controversial measure this afternoon that limits the number of undergraduate college students who can share an apartment to a maximum of four."
* Brits consider new laws to enforce patriotism.
* David Horowitz eulogizes his late daughter.
* Frisco sex workers circulate petition to stop enforcing sex-crime laws.

Thanks to all for the tips!