Mike Gravel

True Love Travels on a Gravel Road


I'm not too surprised that presidential candidate Mike Gravel (D–Xanadu) is endorsing a Green Party candidate for the office. After all, Ralph Nader semi-endorsed Gravel last summer and introduced him at the 2007 Take Back America Conference. I am surprised that Gravel is endorsing…um…this guy.

Mike Gravel announced that he has decided to support the campaign of Green Party Candidate Jesse Johnson running for the nomination on the Green Party Ticket.

Why did Gravel choose Johnson from among the other candidates vying for the nomination in all the campaigns of all available political parties? Gravel explains, "I'm supporting Jesse because he began his political career with the determination that the environmental plundering must stop. He placed every other interest on hold to run for office, in his home state and now nationally, to challenge the corporations that destroy our national resources and then harvest from this practice a toxic energy source; coal. The mountain top mining practices devastate the landscape by blowing apart mountains and then carbon belching plants burn the coal creating a form of energy that serves as one of the major contributors for global climate change."

Consider this a Wednesday Fun Link, I suppose.