Hillary Clinton

(The Melody Haunts My) Reverie or, Can We Bring the Troops Home and Send Them Directly to Scranton to Take Out This Choir?


Via Wonkette via CBS News via YouTube (yes, my head hurts too and not simply because Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island has just been sentenced for possessing Mary Jane) comes this horrific video of a Scranton, Pennsylvania chorus chanting some sort of weird chorus chant in support of Hillary Clinton, who rivals George W. Bush in terms of bad-bop-dance moves:

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  1. I stopped the video when my brain started dripping from my ears.

  2. Must kill Lincoln. : )))))

  3. I’ve seen worse.

    But Mary Ann, c’mon woman…the ‘ol “I picked up some hitchhikers” excuse is weak.

    “When he questioned her about the aroma, Wells reportedly replied that she had picked up three hitchhikers, but dropped them back off after they started smoking marijuana.”

  4. she was only holding it for a friend…

  5. Speaking of Scranton, the local news has indicated that all 3 presidential candidates will be in town this Sat. for the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. This event is huge during a normal year; this year promises to be ridiculous. There’ll be no telling how much chaos this will lead to in the city. I wonder if Hill Dog will be doing Kegs and Eggs with Barrack and McCain?

  6. I despair for the future of western culture.

  7. “I haven’t felt this bad since we watched that Ronald Reagan movie…”

    My favorite part of this video has to be the repeated chants of “Hey, ho’!”.

    It makes me giggle.

  8. The children are our future. God help us all.

  9. In addition to the probation, she was sentenced to five days in jail and fined $410.50.

    Five days! For a few roaches in the ashtray? Jesus. If they’ll throw Mary Ann in the klink, god only knows what they’ll do with that crack-whore Ginger.

  10. 14 seconds. That’s all I could stand… and now I’m nauseous.

    Ok, maybe that’s just the morning sickness, but still. This didn’t help.

  11. Oh good Jesus. How I hate white people.

  12. Sweet Zombie Cheebus…

    That made me ashamed for my race… Fellow pasty white people, listen to me: WE HAVE NO RHYTHM! WE SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO RAP!

    Have we learned nothing from the horror that was Vanilla Ice?


  13. The ability to dance is high on my list of qualities a president must have.

    Seriously, TV/photography has totally altered the things that hurt campaigns. Dukakis with a helmet/Obama with a turban/Clinton dancing are all so entirely pointless, its hard to imagine that if lincoln had been busting some horrific moves on the campaign trail a reporter could write such a vivid account as to do harm to his campaign.

  14. This isn’t the first time that Mary Ann has gotten in trouble. I remember a story where Bob Denver got into trouble for possession of some weed sent to him by Mary Ann. I thought the story was cool becasue it showed that they’ve been life long friends and potheads.

  15. Her name is Dawn Wells.

    Ally McBeal is also a fictitious character.

  16. Sweet Donnie and Marie, that was painful. They wouldn’t even subject a person to that in Gitmo.

  17. Heh. Mary Ann With The Shaky Hand, indeed…

    C’mon Nick – it’s not like you to blow an opportunity for such an obvious oldies reference…. where’s Weigel when you need him?

  18. I love the hitchhiker excuse.
    I know this guy who was stopped by the police while he was in college. The cop made him get out of the car (cop was purely on a fishing expedition). The guy couldn’t find his insurance card and was digging through his coat pockets. Cop noticed a baggie. Made the guy pull it out. It had stems and seeds in it. Cop asked “What’d you have in there?” Guy shrugged, said “A salad.” Cop let him go.

  19. For shame, CBS Scranton! You should paste smiley face stickers over those children’s real faces. Don’t people care about potential child molestation anymore?!!

  20. I was once stopped by Baytown, TX police because my tailight was burnt out. They asked me to open my trunk. When I opened it, there was white granular substance spilled in the trunk. The cop looked at it, but didn’t pursue it. I wasn’t worried anyway because it was sugar. I suppose if it were powdered sugar it would have looked more suspicious.

  21. That video was seriously worse than 2 girls, 1 cup. Someone needs to make some videos of people’s reaction to this abomination unto the Lord.

  22. I don’t even know how to feel about the Clinton campaign. That Obama will.i.am video was unwatchable, too, but it was way longer than this.
    I don’t think Hillary can say anything about Obama having a cult of personality. This was as creepy as anything I’ve seen in awhile.

  23. I just can’t stop chanting in my mind:

    “Hey! Hey!, Ho! Ho!, This penis party has got to go!”

  24. I didn’t think it could get worse that the “Yes We Can”, but I now stand corrected. If Hill wants that Dem nod she should run on a platform of making shit like this illegal. Just painful.

    White people – rhythm + attemps at hip-hop = abject failure.

  25. And I forgot to ask – does this officially make Mary Ann hotter than Ginger?

  26. Hahahahahahahahahaaha ugggghhh

  27. Warty, on behalf of all of us, I am so, so sorry about this.

    I’ve never supported reparations before, but….

  28. Holy mother of god.

  29. To Clinton’s credit, she does look incredibly uncomfortable the whole (ok the amount of time I watched, which was like a minute) time.

  30. Nick Gillespie, if you ever…ever do that again…

  31. I enjoyed the little cackle Hillary emits after the McCain line.

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