Forget It Hillary, It's Chinatown


As reason.tv videographer Dan Hayes notes at that site's video blog, Rough Cut, Hillary Clinton actually won the Ohio primary even after Jack Nicholson, the Laurence Olivier of American celebrity douchebags, released this ad in favor of the former First Lady.

A clip roll of various Nicholson performances ranging from the Joker in Batman ("this town needs an enema" is not included, alas) to Five Easy Pieces (where Jack's hip character harangues a waitress in a diner to show how disaffected and down with the common man he is) to A Few Good Men (where his military commander characters unconvincingly sanctions torture of U.S. servicemen as the only way to protect this land of liberty). The clip ends with an Colbert-Nation-like eagle emblazoned with the legend: "I'd rather live on my feet than die on my knees." Which strikes me as a very clumsy way to recall the good old '90s from a Clintonian perspective.

Yes, it's that good.

Question: Where do Barack Obama and John McCain go for their equivalent celebrity gag-ads?