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For you fans of The Wire:

The Philadelphia Inquirer is running a multipart series about Philadelphia's homeless, inspired by the gruesome death of a homeless man. This is delicious because the Inquirer's editor is none other than Bill Marimow, former Sun managing editor, nemesis of David Simon, and Simon's supposed model for managing editor Thomas Klebanow on The Wire. Klebanow, of course, is supervising the Sun's special homeless investigation, inspired by the gruesome deaths of homeless men.

The joke on the show, of course, is that the homeless series is nothing more than cheap Pulitzer bait, one habit of contemporary journalism that caused Simon to leave the field.

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  1. Life imitating art imitating life. Or something…

  2. Devolving into TV-show gossip these day, huh?

    For a magazine called reason…

  3. Probably my best shot at posting this without being OT:

  4. Anybody have a comment about the character, William Rawls, on this show?
    Reason I ask is he and I were in the same Basic Officers’ class in Quantico in 1967.

  5. Sheeeee-iii-ii-iiii-it.

  6. Anybody have a comment about the character, William Rawls, on this show?

    I do recall when the Barksdale gang sent Brother Mouzone after Omar, there was a scene in a gay bar where Rawls showed up in a shot for a few seconds, obviously enjoying himself.

  7. Tried to watch the series finale last night at midnight (HBO on Demand showing everything a week early). But HBO is witholding it until the 10th. Sheeeeiiiitt.

    Who dies in the final episode? I think Michael gets it.

  8. I bet Michael takes over the city drug trade from Marlo. I bet that Marlo dies, probably at Michael’s hand. Michael is probably about the right age to start being a major player in the drug trade.

    I also would bet that McNulty (and probably Freeman) go to prison, and Carcetti loses any shot at his gubernatorial hopes.

  9. That’s some shameful shit.

  10. Sheeeee-iii-ii-iiii-it.

    I just started watching the wire– no, I have NO idea what’s going on, starting in the middle– but I love that character.

  11. …and Carcetti loses any shot at his gubernatorial hopes.

    If only Carcetti’s real life model, the infamous boy governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley also lost his run for governor. [sigh]

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