Confidence is a Preference for the Habitual Voyeur of What is Known as… Parklife!


Good news from New York: Finally, a way to get rid of sex offenders!

Under a new county law that took effect last month, convicted sex offenders can now be charged with a misdemeanor in Orange County if caught loitering within 300 feet of places where children congregate.

… The rules apply to all sex offenders, regardless of how they're classified.

How it's being enforced.

The county is helping police enforce the restrictions by creating detailed maps of each municipality with marked "child-safety zones," the areas now off-limits to sex offenders.

The Department of Social Services has been gathering addresses for those maps, going so far as to walk through Newburgh to find a pool hall and other prohibited areas that weren't readily known, Social Services Commissioner David Jolly said.

Jolly called the new law an additional law enforcement tool, not a solution to sexual predation.

"There is no magic bullet," he said.

But that doesn't mean we won't keep shooting them at people! Two years ago Kerry Howley was poking holes in the logic of plans like this.

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