The "Brown-Black" Race Card?


Over at Politico, "libertarian Democrat," former press secretary for the Democratic National Committee, and occasional reason contributor Terry Michael writes about whether Hillary Clinton is exploiting tensions between Hispanics and blacks in the Donkey Party:

Stipulated, I am a partisan of my fellow Illinoisan Obama, who I believe is transcending race in this campaign. 

But, putting on my media critic hat, I would urge those whose business it is to interpret our politics, the press corps, to carefully observe how Clinton Inc. plays the "brown-black" race card as the campaign moves toward Texas. That extra scrutiny was earned by trash talk from the Supreme and Un-Fireable Manager of Clinton Inc. (our "first black president") between Iowa and South Carolina. 

All of this could have been predicted for a political party (I lament it is mine) that has been playing identity politics with a vengeance for the past several decades. 

With an unfortunate focus on granting entitlements based on tribal affinity rather than celebrating the rights, liberties and personal responsibilities of individuals in a pluralistic democracy, strengthened by civic cultural assimilation, we Democrats have been courting racialist warfare for a long time. 

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