Reagan Died for Your Sins!


Every modern CPAC has a dizzingly degree of Reagan worship, and while it couldn't match the effluvia from the elected GOPers onstage, Ace of Spades' Blogger of the Year acceptance speech was some kind of highlight. "We spent months waiting for Reagan to come along," Ace said. "Reagan didn't show up." Heads nodded. "He might not show up for a generation, or more." That's right: Reagan is Jesus. Ace suggested that bloggers and resistors to the coming Obama Reich could be their own, personal Reagans, "like the people in the movie Spartacus, raising their hands and saying 'I am Spartacus!'"

Walking away from this I passed by the big political button booth and watched a young kid running his fingers over a lucite-encased ticket to the 1981 Reagan inaugural. "You won't find one of those anywhere else!" said the vendor. "Wow," said the kid. I asked him: He was born in 1986. But I bought a "Sock it to 'Em, Spiro!" button so I don't have room to talk.