Israel Stiffens Defenses


It might harm their reputation, but Israel's air force is considering giving its combat pilots Viagra to improve their performance in the air.

A recent study conducted by Israeli doctors among mountain climbers in Africa found a link between erectile dysfunction drugs and improved performance in high altitudes, the mass-selling Yediot Aharonot reported.

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Via Dan Gifford.

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  1. Perhaps that’s been the missing ingredient in Iraq.

  2. They should be careful. That could be a weapon of masturbation.

  3. One day soon, the Jewish people will come to regret this decision.

  4. Viagra popping combat pilots is code for “jew”

  5. When it comes to the whole Israel/Palestine conflict it is one of those issues in which I don’t know a whole lot about, but I side with Israel anyways because the hippies are so passionate about siding with Palestine. Not just saying “hey, Israel should stop picking on them” but “hey, Palestine puts out anti-Semitic propaganda because of bla-bla-bla postmodern double speak”

  6. I guess this gives a new meaning to the term “heat-seeking missile.”


  7. Somebody has to say it:

    “No, no, Tango Lima Five! Put your hand on the stick! The STICK!!”

  8. So, they’re gonna rename the ejection seat to the ejaculation seat ?

    I wonder which one will blow higher.

  9. Happy year of the Rat, everybody.
    Well the drug obviously increases blood flow to some parts of the body, so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised.

  10. Not to make fun of the Israeli air force but…

    How about just joining the rest of the world in the twenty first century and pressurize the cockpit?

  11. When I read the headline i thought, Ho hum, another Israel/Gaza border story. I’m glad it wasn’t

  12. Did you just come back from a combat mission, or are you happy to see me?

  13. Hard times ahead for the Israeli AF…er…and something about thrust to weight ratio…

  14. “…Israel’s air force is considering giving its combat pilots Viagra to improve their performance in the air.”

    I think fighter cockpits are rather too cramped for the mile high club thing.

  15. Hmmm … cockpit.

  16. So I wonder who gets to design the new flight suit with the elastic codpiece?…

  17. They should put the Viagra in the fuel tank. It’ll help get the planes up.

  18. It’s also being trialed for Crohn’s Disease FYI dot dot dot

  19. More proof that it’s the Palestinians who got the short end of the stick.

  20. So if it helps pilots avoid collateral damage from missed or mistaken targets, does that mean Viagra helps reduce projectile dysfunction?

  21. The article in the link just trails off after “saying”. Or is it me?

  22. You know, when Britain was facing a military threat they just maintained a stiff upper lip.

  23. I was following Pfizer back when they discovered Viagra. I was interested in their developmental drug Norvasc, which I believe was supposed to treat angina.

    Viagra, as I recall, was discovered as an odd side effect to a compound they were testing in pursuit of Norvasc. There are three areas in men that have something like erectile tissue, the nose, the heart and the erectile tissue. Which is why certain smells can make your heart start beating and stimulate erectile tissue.

    It doesn’t surprise me if Viagra still has an effect on the cardio-vascular system.

  24. To distract the Israeli pilots, the Palestinians should broadcast radio messages featuring audio porn in Hebrew. (Is it possible to do porn in Hebrew?)

  25. toddb should win a prize for using the word “codpiece.”

    Reminded me of Rabelais . . .

  26. Thanks for turning Reason into 4chan, furfags.

  27. I’d imagine it makes it easier for the pilots to shoot their load.

  28. Vlad,

    RULES #1 AND #2

  29. See your flight surgeon immediately if you experience missions lasting longer than four hours.

  30. Oh man, I have no funny comment, I just had to thank everybody because every comment above me made me giggle.

    Best. Article. Ever.

  31. The USAF and FAA bans pilots from flying for several hours after taking this drug.It is said it causes trouble seeing some colors.This is considered a problem on take off and landing.

  32. The Snorg t-shirt ad should be there now. Where is it?

  33. Something tells me the snorg tees girl would be quite smitten by a cosmotarian’s wiles…

    come here snorg tees girl and let me charm you with my roguish freemarket wit!

  34. Bah, American pilots need no such chemical stimulation. They have porn on their displays. We’re so far ahead of the rest of the world.

  35. “No, no, Tango Lima Five! Put your hand on the stick! The OTHER STICK!!”

  36. Viagra takes a good half-hour to start working. It might make a difference on a planned routine patrol, but if the stuff hits the fan and you have a combat scramble the little blue pill will kick in just about the time your jet runs out of fuel.

  37. This has been one of the most entertaining and competitive threads on the reason forums lately. I wouldn’t even try to award a winner and I certainly wouldn’t try to compete. But I was, well, wondering about female pilots. Some of you know that in fighter jock lexicon they talk about “strapping on” a jet . . ? There’s a clever quip in there somewhere.

  38. Nothing like trying to concentrate on bogey at your 6 with a four hour erection.

  39. They should probably just go for a dry run first, otherwise they might prematurely shoot their wad and end up with a real mess on their hands.

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