Ron Paul Giving New England Another Try


The AP asks whether Ron Paul, increasingly left out of the big narratives of the GOP race, could actually pull a win in this weekend's Maine caucuses.

It doesn't hurt that Paul's visit this week made him the only presidential candidate from either party to visit Maine before the caucuses.

"I think that (because) he's paid attention to Maine, he'll be rewarded," said R. Kenneth Lindell, Paul's campaign coordinator in Maine… [he] wouldn't give specifics on the number of Paul volunteers but said it is in the hundreds, not a small figure considering Maine's relatively small population and meager share of the national delegate pool.

It's shaping up a lot like Nevada: Mitt Romney's the only other Republican giving the race any attention, grasping for a positive headline among the drumbeat of McCain endorsements and wet kisses from newspaper edit boards. And, like in Nevada, some of the Paul organizers will be battle-hardened veterans of Iowa and New Hampshire. The level of love for McCain is closer to New Hampshire than to Nevada—McCain won 44 percent in the March 2000 Maine primary. But early reports from the Ron Paul Forums, from Paul supporters who've been hitting the caucus sites, suggest that Paul is headed for second place behind Romney. (Romney would much, much prefer McCain hit second place: For the narrative he wants, beating Paul is like running up the score in World of Warcraft.)

One thing helping Paul this weekend and after: He definitively won the fourth quarter of fundraising and is almost certainly raising more money now than any Republican save McCain.

UPDATE: Right after I posted, the Paul campaign announced its newest policy advisors: Doug Bandow, Charles Peña, and Philip Giraldi. I guess they'll be writing the same stuff, but in a more official capacity.

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  1. How does one run up “the score” in world of warcraft? level grinding?


  2. Doug Bandow?

    OMIGOD, the Cosmotarians will have a field day.

  3. He definitively won the fourth quarter of fundraising

    Yeah, I had a little (very very little) to do with that. If only he used his power for good instead of mediocrity.

  4. Bandow and Pe?a will give him some needed street-cred with the Cato supporters who were unsure about a LvMI libertarian.

  5. Bandow should be able to secure the vital Abramoff endorsement too…

  6. I don’t know if I’d call Maine a libertarian state, but it does have some private highways.

  7. This is sounding like the runup to Wyoming. Remember the Ron Paul sweep there? Give up guys! Giuliani beat Paul in Florida! Rudy’s going to be McCains VP and when the old geezer dies in office Rudy will be President. I told you Rudy would be President. I was just off on the details.

  8. The executive director of the Maine Republican Party was on the radio Thursday morning and she said she thought Ron Paul might do well this weekend. She indicated that Ron Paul supporters had been active in setting up the caucuses in some of the smaller towns.

    Audio of the interview here: Maine Caucus

    Interview with Ron Paul on Monday here: Ron Paul Interview

  9. Somehow I think the media will skip past this inexplicable $19.9 million detail, and keep talking about Obama, Clinton, and McCain. How do I know? Because I already heard the news report on the radio this morning, and those were the only three mentioned. It was comical — they gave McCain’s total for the year, so as not to embarrass him too much. (He raised only $6.8 million in contributions in Q4.)

    And as for Wyoming, Ron Paul did very well there, in vote percentage. Unfortunately, you get zero delegates in Wyoming unless you top 50% in some county, because they have multi-round voting, with the losers dropping out each round. He was second in some counties and third in others, but all of the other candidates’ delegates banded together to defeat him.

  10. To: Unfinished Dondero Clone

    Nah, I think we’ll stick around, thanks! At least we will still be politically pro-active LONG after the president is elected (which as of now looks like it will be a Dem, with all this hype McCain is geting. Please dont tell me you honestly think McCain has a shot in the General election against either Clinton or Obama).

    Also, Rudy’s strategy was to put all his eggs in 1 basket with Fla., and it is just embarrassing how far behind 2nd place he came. Every other candidate spent massive amounts of loot there. Good for them. RP’s strategy all along was to let these fools fight it out (which they are clearly doing). They are clawing and nit-picking at each other like little girls. RP is the oldest out of all of them, and I bet he could whoop any one of them little girly men in a 1 on 1 fight, both physically, and mentally on ALL issues.

    Yeah, we will be here long after your support of McCain (Oh, I am sorry, yo think Rudy will someday be pres.) And people think RP fans are nuts?????

    Also, FYI, McCain will undoubtedly pick the Huck as his running mate. McCain does/says what ever he has to to be popular/liked. The Huck will pull in way more votes for McCain than will Rudolph. McCain is gonna sell out Rudy for the Huck and then there will be this “big controversy” over it.

  11. Be a patriot! Today, an important money bomb day:
    Listen to the wisdom of Dr. Ron Paul at CNN debate, which he won again:
    After debate CNN interview:
    John McCain stupefied by Dr. Paul’s Economics question in previous debate:

  12. Philip Giraldi is an excellent pick. His Deep Background in The American Conservative is a must read for anyone.

  13. RP is the oldest out of all of them, and I bet he could whoop any one of them little girly men in a 1 on 1 fight(…)physically

    Yeah, but Huckabee has a few pardoned murderers who owe him a favor…watch out Dr Paul…

  14. If you want Ron Paul to do better, one way it to make sure his opponents do worse.

    Unfortunately, no RP supporters seem to have realized that one way to do that is to go to campaign appearances by RP’s opponents, ask the questions the MSM won’t ask, and then upload the response. If they’d been doing that all along things would look much different now.

    If you want to get a late start, here’s a question that McCain might have a lot of trouble answering.

  15. Click ‘n’ Learn – that’s terrible. You mean McCain’s got a real live Mexican working for him?

  16. It’s killing me, “What was Martin Landau’s characters name on Space 1999”, said Rafer.
    Mitt Romeny could not lead a drunk to a bar, as people of a state who has givin so much to this country, In time of peace and war. You have to ask yourself this question, “Who would Col Chamberlinn vote for?” and if you don’t know who the Col is than you probley are not from Maine so look it up. He was great man of princple and anybody ever walked it liked they talked it the Col did, I bet he would vote for Dr Paul because he to is a man of principle and integrity. Come on, Let’s walk it like we talk it! vote Ron Paul 08

  17. FWIW, Ron Paul ad’s are the only ones by any candidate I am seeing out here in HI. And this state has such a weird caucus system that lasts for like a month.

  18. Rafer Janers!

    Landau’s name in Space 1999 was John Koenig.
    Now that’s a show due for a remake!

    Elect Ron Paul already!

    Still freezing up here.

  19. Rafer, Col. Chamberlain was also a great p.r. man – convinced a lot of people he single-handedly (with some help from the 20th Maine) saved the Union. Let’s put him on RP’s staff.
    P.S. Chamberlain’s wife, Mira Sorvina is tres hot.

  20. Kolohe,
    At least you can go surf when the world makes no sence, Mira is so hot, that I named my oldest daughter after her. Hee Hee, Ps I read, and the killerAngels is amazing, and I love Harry Turtdove’s version. Never quit brothers and sisters we have to win. Ron Paul 08

  21. Sorry my Canadian friend, Thank You, It was killing me, a Remake? they already did it great, I use to have eagles, and you Know how vindictive exgirl friends can be. Thanks again. Ron Paul 08

  22. First, on Chamberlain: Chamberlain was hardly a libertarian, especially in the Paulist sense. HE was adamant about serving his country, trying to volunteer for the Spanish-American War, and of course was an enthusiastic enlistee in the Civil War (Dr. Paul has written and spoken on succession as a legitimate right). Relationships are not transitive. Just because you like Paul and you like Chamberlain it does not follow that Chamberlain would like Paul. I know it gets lost in blogs in general and Reason in particular, but good, smart people can have honest disagreements.

    That said, no one talks about Ron Paul because he is hardly significant. The fact that a whole lot of outliers lined up to give him money does not make him a political force. You can scream at the top of your lungs that free markets will always deliver the best result and that Ron Paul is the stare of the rEVOLution, but it don’t make it so.

  23. DavidS: your comment was unnecessary, since we already knew that cosmotarians are globalist scum who have no concept of U.S. sovereignty. Thankfully, at least Ron Paul has a very different point of view.

  24. Rafer, Gonna Get Gankes,

    I’d take Chamberlain over Neil Dow anyday.

  25. Matt L…

    I dunno. When it comes to alcohol you know what they say, absinthe makes they heart grow fonder.

    Er, absence. Anyways, I’m a gonna talk to the purty green lady.

  26. So I guess Mr. Weigel is the new point man (point boy?) on the Paul campaign, now that Nick, Matt and Radley have all burned their credibility. David, fortunately, has no credibility to burn, so the risks are minimal.

    Here’s the spin in advance: If Paul wins Main, it’s because of all of the support by Reason. If Paul loses, it’s all because of his unfortunate association with the Devil incarnate; Lew Rockwell.

  27. The Only people still talking about Lew Rockwell are the Lew Rockwell people. Too Bad Billy Joe spends less time helping elect Ron Paul and/or spreading some type of libertarian message than he does attacking the cosmotarians ( many like myself, support Ron Paul- that is why I am the VP of Cosmotarians for Ron Paul).

  28. Unfinished Dondero Clone | February 1, 2008, 12:12pm | #
    This is sounding like the runup to Wyoming. Remember the Ron Paul sweep there? Give up guys! Giuliani beat Paul in Florida! Rudy’s going to be McCains VP and when the old geezer dies in office Rudy will be President. I told you Rudy would be President. I was just off on the details.

    I guess if you don’t live in Arizona you wouldn’t regularly hear the updates on McCain’s health, but I seriously doubt that Rudy would drop first. McCain has had so many bouts with skin cancer, I can’t imagine the guy living long enough to finish a full presidential term. And that’s not even to mention any other health problems he has that the public has heard nothing about.

  29. Nevermind… That’s what he said anyways.

  30. if he does win Maine, i owe some people $5 each. At least one if i remember. anyone else who called me out, let me know and link to where you did, cause i might have missed it.

  31. Johnjackson – I have worked in several health food stores, I operate a bookshop with books in 4 languages, and I support Ron Paul. Can I join “Cosmotarians for Ron Paul”?

  32. lol there’s a score in Worlds of Warcraft? I only played a couple times but…

    even the little things… come on guys. you’re brains are fried… no wonder you don’t like Ron Paul. I think you’re stuck in a bad acid trip.

  33. Any degree of common sense puts Ron Paul in the WhiteHouse.

    Come on people. It’s time for the PEOPLE to fight back.

    VOTE RON PAUL 2008

  34. Hey, the planet Mercury is in retrograde. Things will go haywire without a good reason. Anything can happen. February may be a good month for Ron Paul.

  35. Just saying Chamberlin was a man of princple and integrity and loved his country, As Ron Paul is, with that said, I look at Ron Paul as a mordern day forefather. I could go into a rabid defence of Ron Paul but why? live your life and I will live mine, Ron Paul 08

  36. If Ron Paul is a modern day forefather does that mean the founders believed the states had a right to secede from the Union? What would the founders have thought of Abraham Lincoln?

  37. The fact is that the GOP is dead in this race if there is no Dr Paul. McCain and Romney do not have a chance to beat either HillBill or Obama with a pro-war stance. Interestingly, the NeoConsters got themselves in a pickle, they can not support Dr Paul since he will cut off the trillions in cash flows to their group and end the war pronto. The motivation power of even the $1million million now supporting our empire is overtly corrupting. So now what? Maybe they do not even care. HillBill actually pointed out at the last debate that Bush et al is setting up a government operation outside the control of Congress. Maybe, we do not get a meaningful election, just the appearance of an election? Bush did say being Dictator would be easier! We thought the Democratic controlled Congress would end the war, did that happen? So why are we to believe the change-o-rama Democrats will actually follow through? What if we had another false flag event just before the election? Do you think Bush would call martial law? Since the bad guys are everywhere, so are excuses for such an event. One scary hypothesis.

    The fact that Ron Paul is now married for 51 years is a testament to his integrity. It is hard to say that for the Clintons, McCain, or now defunct Guilani. The race just now is getting interesting. Vote Ron Paul 2008, clean this mess up, now.

  38. Lincoln suspended the right of habeas corpus, he claimed the power to arrest anyone arbitrarily and hold them, without specific charges and without a trial. When the chief justice of the United States, Roger Taney, had ruled that Lincoln had no constitutional power to do this, Lincoln ordered Taney’s arrest too. He had federal troops arrest dozens of legislators and other prominent citizens, including the mayor of Baltimore and a Maryland congressman. A large body of American opinion held that the Confederate States had every right to secede from the Union and thought they should be allowed to go in peace. To Lincoln, this view was “treason” and by his definition, most Americans, not just Southerners, probably qualified as traitors. He ordered the arbitrary arrest, without warrants or due process, thousands of leading citizens of Northern cities, state legislators, U.S. Congressmen, newspaper owners and editors, ministers, bankers, policemen or anyone else who expressed the slightest reservation about Lincoln’s aims and means or who was anonymously denounced by a rival or envious neighbor.His military governors sometimes ordered hangings, without trial, for minor offenses. Lincoln encouraged his generals to violate international law, the U.S. Military Code, and the moral prohibition against waging war on civilians. Lincoln urged his generals to conduct total war against the Southern civilian population, to slaughter them with bombardments, to burn their homes, barns and towns, to use rape as a weapon of war, to destroy foodstuffs, and to leave women, children and the elderly in the cold of winter without shelter or food. He ranted against slavery but his primary objective was to destroy the primarily Southern resistance against the establishment of centralized power. Lincoln utterly destroyed the union achieved by the Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    Since Maine was among the first states to abolish slavery, perhaps they will take a stance against the loss of freedom and economic slavery we are facing.

  39. Unfinished Dondero clone: I agree completely, but you forgot to mention that Rudy was there on 9/11, and that he’s America’s Mayor. If we don’t mention that, how else is anyone going to learn it.

  40. I just read that Paul is currently in second with 19%, but way behind Romney.

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