Gillespie on Tucker Carlson's MSNBC Show


I was on Tucker Carlson's MSNBC show last Monday, discussing topics of the day–which remain the same as today's!–with the host himself and The New Republic's Peter Beinart. Click on the image below to be transported back in time and over to that magical, mystical land known as

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  1. While I can’t watch it until later, it sometimes fascinates me how news outlets can get by on the same stuff for DAYS. Have you ever watched Tucker, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and (at the time) Joe Scarborough all in one sitting? It’s like.. the same talking point but delivered by 4 different people.

  2. I hate to disagree with the Man in Black, but Bill Clinton is unpopular? If he could run again, he would win the Dem nomination and destroy whatever candidate the Reps put up.

  3. Obviously you and the New Republic guy are dating. That’s what they told me at RPF anyway

  4. Your organization’s Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.

    The category “Sex” is filtered.

  5. You know, you don’t have to take every offer…

  6. Wear a pink shirt to freak everyone out.

  7. What’s amazing is that Nick sat next to a guy from the CFR and didn’t melt.

  8. I am mesmerizing.

  9. If I were ever to debate Nick Gillespie on teevee, I would make sure to wear black leather as well. To psyche him out and harsh his game.

    A old Marine Corps trick.

  10. Nick, you’re supposed to be in the persuasion business. Credibility is key, as is lack of irrelevant distractions.

    The black leather jacket and motop/hipster do? Credibility drains. Irrelevant distractions.

    You can rail all you want about how all that should matter is the content of your ideas, not the color of your jacket, but this is reality, baby. Your look is part of the sales pitch, and yours ain’t helping.

  11. You just can’t argue with the fonz.

  12. The voice in the Obama ad reminded me of Ronald Reagan.

  13. Thanks for the post, guys.

  14. Dude seriously, would it kill you to wear even a sport coat? I ain’t even asking for the whole soup and fish.


  15. Yeah, Jacob, that’s websense in all of it’s logic. That got fixed today.

  16. nick, please do tucker more often. i’m a fan of the show and a tucker defender and i thought it was great seeing you guys chat about the day’s topics.

  17. What a coinkydink. The guy who smuggled hookers into the Ron Paul press conference and Interviews “Pimples” Kirchick on the eve of the New Hampshire primaries shoots the breeze with Mr. Sanctimonious Sideburns.

    Nick and Tucker make such a cute couple.

  18. It is hard enough for libertarians to be taken seriously without the spokesman for the big “L” magazine of record going on TV looking like an ageing hipster doofus. Nick, you don’t look “edgy,” so much as an arrested adolecent who is still mad at his Dad..

  19. Nice haircut, Fonzie.

  20. “I hate to disagree with the Man in Black, but Bill Clinton is unpopular? If he could run again, he would win the Dem nomination and destroy whatever candidate the Reps put up”

    Haha, yeah sure he would. Is this the same Bill Clinton that even his most ardent supporters claim they are getting sick of? The one who’s temper tantrums and rantings contributed to Hillary’s abject humiliation in South Carolina?

  21. I wonder why Nick didn’t ask Loder to comment on original MTV VJ Adam Curry’s official endorsement of Ron Paul.

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