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Tuesday Fun Links, Ultimate Fighting Division


It probably marks my age (10,000 years old), but the success of loud n' proud libertarians in "mainstream culture" still amuses and pleases me, and strikes me as worth noting. So herewith noted, fightin' Objectivist and former Cato intern Michael Malice (see his graphic novel biography* by Harvey Pekar, Ego and Hubris) has a co-written biography of Ultimate Fighting Champ Matt Hughes freshly out, and freshly on the New York Times bestseller list.

Me on Ego and Hubris.

Also, Malice (a pal) has a new web site, "Worst Email Ever" for time-wasting at the office and potentially for publicizing foolish, objectionable, and inexplicable emails from your own life.

*not autobiography as I first wrote–though strangely, written in Malice's voice.

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  1. It is called MMA not Ultimate Fighting.

  2. Using the term “Ultimate Fighting” to refer to Mixed Martial Arts is an efficient method to signal to fans of the sport that you have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. BD,

    Calling MMA UF, makes you not cool to those who correct you.

  4. Are you guys playing some parody of insider pedantry? Please see ufc.com, and the cover of Mr. Hughes’ and Mr. Malice’s book.

  5. How’s this for pedantic?:

    Ego _&_ Hubris
    co-written _Auto_biography

    Also what they are correctly referring to, in principle, is the habit of media calling the sport “Ultimate Fighting”–which you have not done.

  6. I actually spent a good 30 seconds thinking through the “co-written autobiography” question, and it seemed as if that in itself were a bit of a contradiction—that biography as term includes autobiography, and that since it was not written just by Hughes that autobiography is an inappropriate terms for a book written both by him and someone else.

    And I also think that the ampersand is merely a design element that MEANS the word and. Am I wrong?

  7. And yet I called Harvey’s book about you an “autobiography”! My my. Fixed.

  8. Tuesday Fun links-New Wave Links

    Didja ever wonder what the result might be if Devo and Disney collaborated? Now we know cuz they did…


    “Whip It”


    “Freedom Of Choice”


    “Beautiful World”


    Note the more upbeat twist on somea the lyrics.

  9. Don’t look for too much reason to be coming out of Matt Hughes. He’s pretty good at beating people up though.

    And it’s “human cockfighting.”

  10. Welcome to the sad, and unintelligent world of the average MMA fan.

  11. FTSOR,

    After a hard day in academia, I really enjoy a round of human cock fighting (pun intended).

    I particularly like the homoerotic subtext in the blow-by-blow (pun intended)…

    “Hughes is looking to submit…he’s really one of the best bottom men…and he has a ground and pound that can’t be equaled.”

    It’s like live action “300” for the even more closeted set…

  12. Oh, I do as well. I’ve followed the sport since 94, and train in BJJ.

    However, the average fan leaves a lot to be desired, but that’s par for the course in any venture that you feel you follow closely over a period of time.

    Sometimes, it’s almost as bad as the average woman trying to discuss football.

  13. Brian,

    Calling MMA “Ultimate Fighting” is like calling Football “NFL”. At Thanksgiving dinner, would you say “Hey kids, want to go outside and play some NFL?”

  14. Have you MMA fans been concussed too often, or is the lack of reading comprehension caused by general idiocy?

    Doherty didn’t refer to your precious outlet for your latent homosexuality as “Ultimate Fighting”, he made reference to a book by the subject of the post, which is a biography of a UFC (first two letters there stand for Ultimate Fighting) champ. It’s not like calling football “NFL”; it’s like referring to Tom Brady as a NFL quarterback.

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