I Disagree With Your Driving, So Here's the Car Keys


Once again last night, John McCain did best among voters who are most strongly against the Iraq war. Which is at least a half-curiosity, since the senator is well-known to have consistently advocated increased force levels from Iraq to Afghanistan to Kosovo, and thinks a 100-year U.S. presence in Iraq is just dandy.

Combining that theme with yesterday's column about newspaper endorsements, the following papers gave McCain the nod despite disagreeing with him about the Iraq war: Boston Globe, Des Moines Register, Concord Monitor, Daytona Beach News-Herald, Bradenton Herald, Valley News, Keene Sentinel, and Portsmouth Herald.

Update: Lamar in the comments points out something I should have made clear both in my column yesterday and this post—many of these editorials are just a recommendation for the primaries, not the general. If McCain survives until November, he'll have a rough time winning endorsements over Obama, but I'd bet money he'd win the (increasingly meaningless) endorsement war over Hillary.