Finally, Some Alan Keyes News


Tired of the real campaign news (such as the predictable but finally confirmed Fred suicide watch), I wondered how Alan Keyes' potemkin bid for the White House was doing. I will say this: He has some interesting priorities. On Wednesday morning:

He was the last man to enter the 2008 presidential race and now with one day until the caucus, Alan Keyes continues his campaign stops in Iowa. Tuesday, Keyes toured through northwest Iowa.

And on Wednesday afternoon, this gets reported:

Keyes' campaign recently asked the committee that set the Feb. 19 [Wisconsin] ballot to reconvene so it could include Keyes' name on the ballot. But members of the committee—made up of legislative leaders and officials from the state Democratic and Republican parties—have declined the request.

In a Dec. 26 letter to members of the committee, Keyes campaign attorney James N. Clymer said if Keyes weren't put on the ballot, the "campaign will have no alternative but to initiate legal action against the individuals on the committee."

If he actually did this, he will have filed more lawsuits than attended campaign events.

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  1. Alan Keyes. hehe.

    But about that Thompson suicide watch…what I don’t understand is why anyone cares who a guy like Thompson throws his support to. He doesn’t have enough to make a difference.

  2. He sounded intelligent in the one debate I saw him in 8 years ago, but that was probably my complete lack of knowing anything about him then.

  3. Any Alan Keyes post should have pictures of his hot lesbian daughter who he disowned.

  4. Oh you guys, sthop it!
    You’re too funny.

  5. He’s dying to get a second chance against Obama.

  6. Alan Keyes has absolutely no shot, and I’m sure he knows this. So why is he running?

    [tinfoil hat time]

    Perhaps with Hunter and Thompson dropping out, the would have to solely exclude Ron Paul from the debates. With Keyes in the mix, they could argue that they are simply trying to narrow down the candidates overall.

    [/tinfoil hat time]

    Hopefully the good doctor will pick up some Thompson votes, seeing as ol’ zombie-face painted himself as a Federalist and all…

  7. has absolutely no shot, and I’m sure he knows this. So why is he running?

    oh noes, Taktix – you just lit the EDWEIRDOOO lantern…

    /kicks pebble

  8. Alan Keyes has absolutely no shot, and I’m sure he knows this. So why is he running?

    Brain chemical imbalance?

  9. VM,

    Bring it on! I love to see his smarmy handle around here when Dr. Paul wins the Iowa Caucuses…

  10. Alan Keyes has absolutely no shot, and I’m sure he knows this. So why is he running?


  11. Mike Gravel has attended more campfires than campaign events.

  12. Keyes campaign attorney James N. Clymer said if Keyes weren’t put on the ballot, the “campaign will have no alternative but to initiate legal action against the individuals on the committee.”

    [snark]So we know his position on tort reform.[/snark]

    There’s a difference between efforts to keep Paul out of a primary because he doesn’t toe the party line or doesn’t have enough support, and in Keyes asking for special late inclusion because he didn’t get his act together.

  13. So Fred might drop out after Iowa, and then back McCain?
    And then McCain can drop out after New Hampshire
    and then who are they going to pass on their wealth of followers?

    Does it seem to anyone else that Fred never really wanted to be President?

    I mean I thought he was going to be it for a while. (I mean before he joined the race). Given how disqualified the other candidates seemed for the Republican party.

    I mean:
    Guliani: Cross dressing, gun controlling, abortion supporting mayor.

    Romney: The same as Guliani but without the conviction to state what he believes in. Besides he is from MA.

    Huckabee: Appeared on TV and seemed to believe that Canadian parliament blg was an Igloo.

    McCain: Crossed the R’s one too many times, too old, McCain/Feingold.

    Ron Paul: Too cool to be true. Wants to do what everyone says can’t be done.

    I thought Fred was going to be it. It seems like he didn’t want it.

  14. R C Dean | January 3, 2008, 9:40am | #
    Alan Keyes has absolutely no shot, and I’m sure he knows this. So why is he running?


    Really? What money?

  15. Though Keyes is not listed in this tool, it is an interesting use of tech to align your views with those of different candidates…be interesting to see just how many libertarians are aligned with Paul, Huckabee, or Richardson among others…I was a bit surprised that my answers weren’t as tightly aligned with RP as I might have expected…

  16. Mike Gravel has attended more campfires than campaign events.

    joe, those were his campaign events. I’m surprised he wasn’t passing out campaign literature at Burning Man.

    And so far as Alan Keyes goes, being intelligent does not give you a free pass from being insane. He is clearly getting close to the tin-foil hat, state fair pamphlet candidate.

  17. My parents voted for Alan Keyes in the GOP primary last time, because he was the most pro-life of the candidates. Also, he’s Catholic.

    I don’t know what they think of him now.

  18. gaijin – that’s an interesting link, although it s/b taken with a grain of salt. Paul still topped my list, followed by the ‘flakes’ from the D side – Gravel & Kuch. Undoubtedly, this comes from the weighting I gave MM & Iraq. Dodd, Richardson & Thompson come next, no real surprise. Edwards and Hillary scored higher than I thought they would, which I suspect comes from their BS about Medical Marijuana, not that I’d trust either of them to do anything different than the status quo.

  19. What money?

    The money he raises for his campaign. Any matching funds he gets.

    I think I remember reading that he can even pocket some of the money in his campaign after he’s done, and of course there are unlimited opportunities for laundering a campaign warchest to and through friends and associates.

  20. If I remember correctly, Alan keys has huge debts from previous campaigns. The money he raises in this cycle can go to retiring those debts.

  21. Couldn’t we pay him not to run?

    “You’ve got a a nice election here. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it.”

  22. I thought Fred was going to be it. It seems like he didn’t want it.

    My impression was that he wanted it, he just didn’t want to have to work for it.

    When the Draft Fred movement was in full swing, the rest of the field looked hopeless to most GOP supporters and many were pining for a savior. So Fred, it seems, believed the hype that by merely throwing his hat into the ring, he would get the nomination since the rest of the field was pretty much greeted with a yawn.

  23. The sad thing is, the rest of the field STILL looks hopeless, but Fred didn’t look any better. Not many people enthusiastic about Romney, Giuliani, McCain, or even Huckabee (whose support still has that “hey, why not?” aroma to it).

  24. Alan Keyes is still my favorite, but a healthy primary includes all willing candidates, and the debate should be open and vigorous. There are no topics, (that I know of) so dangerous that they cant be discussed intelligently. I say let them arm their own minds and joust with each other and the voters verbally, then to the winner goes the proverbial crown.
    Keyes was the only one besides McCain and Bush eight years ago who didnt throw in the towel, he also beat McCain in some states and actually got votes on the convention floor.
    We need is to end the mad rush to early decisions stirred by the media frenzy and state parties moving up the calendar.
    Here’s a link to what they are saying on canpaign trail. Best wishes to all here.

  25. Gajin cool test, I scored Ron Paul, then Fred Thompson a distant second, then Duncan Hunter, then Huckabee,

  26. Took the test. Ron Paul first. Guliani dead last. I guess Dondero can drum me out of the movement now.

  27. Glass Booth:
    Ron Paul, Mike Gravel (groovy), followed by Bill Richardson.

    Giuliani was dead last. Sorry Dondero!

  28. Keyes missed his best shot at the highest office in the land when Hitler became Chancellor of the Reich. There should be no place in mainstream political discourse for his brand of intolerance. Does he have a job? Or does he spend all of his time lambasting single-mothers and gays?

  29. cool test at… unfortunately it just confirms that no one represents me — hate having to choose which of my major issues I’m going to vote with and ignore the others, but it always seems to come to that. 😛

  30. I would love to see the day that the media picked up on the concept that an African American “republican” is running for president; that he has a PhD in Government Affairs from Harvard ( like Obama has a JD from Harvard); additionally has 11 yrs experience in foreign affairs as an ambassador to the United Nations Social and Economic Council and an Assistant Secretery of State under the Reagan Administration.

  31. Thank God for Bloggers!

    The article you refer to from January 3rd was initially:

    … Alan Keyes is finally making his first campaign stops in Iowa.

    and then corrected after being contacted by a blog reader who pointed out that Keyes had been campaigning in Iowa nonstop beginning December 27:

    … Alan Keyes continues his campaign stops in Iowa

    We need to wake up. The media and money power within the parties are orchestrating this election by successfully denying coverage and participation of candidates who are not like them.

    Take a look at how both Ron Paul and Alan Keyes have been marginalized, denied participation in debates, and then falsely reported that they have low followings, don’t appear in polls (which didn’t even include them) and aren’t running effective campaigns.

    The only way the truth gets out and people have a voice is through the internet. We, the people, must take back this process.

    On the Alan Keyes side, for starters read:

    And the same thing is happening to Ron Paul.

    Bloggers and blog readers, YOU CAN’T BELIEVE THE MEDIA.

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