U-Pick Plantiffs


An uptick in investment in other people's lawsuits:

Some wealthy investors are starting to dabble in lawsuit investment, bankrolling some or all of the heavy upfront costs in return for a share of the damages in the event of a win.

The London-managed hedge fund MKM Longboat last month revealed plans to invest $100million (£50.5million) to finance European lawsuits. Today a new company, Juridica, floats on AIM, having raised £80million to make litigation bets.

Why the sudden interest?:

Law firms in the US remain one of the few no-go areas for outside equity capital investment. They also appear a safe bet to prosper in the chilliest of economic conditions. No wonder capital is starting to seek out imaginative ways to try to piggyback on their good fortune.

More on champerty.

Via Tyler Cowen