Animal Rights

Michael Vick: All Shook Up


Not sure what to get your loved ones for Christmas this year? Why not cheap out and go for a cheap shot? Send your mom a virtual Michael Vick snow globe courtesy of PETA.


When you click through, you're treated to a snow globe featuring Vick in the prison yard spouting semi-identifiable catch phrases. Click on the globe and wiggle your mouse to shake it.

Or if you prefer sappy to snarky, you could always opt for the cartoon kitties and puppies (and, oddly, monkeys) reminding the recipient that Jesus loves them, too. Apparently because they're just so darned adorable.

For more reason on animal rights and/or Michael Vick--sorry we don't have our own Christmas animations on the topic--go here.

For a website that suggests the people at PETA sometimes fail to be fully Christ-like, go here.