All Tragedy All the Time


I wonder how much truth there is to this item in Washington Whispers. I've heard the rumor, too, so it's not coming out of nowhere.

Political allies of former Big Apple Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour are actively pushing the two together, with the 9/11 mayor and New Yawker on top of a ticket that would feature the just re-elected drawling hero of his state's Hurricane Katrina victims as veep. They are being dubbed the "Masters of Disasters."

But neither man's disaster record holds up to scrutiny. Giuliani's pre-9/11 decisions have been battered over the last few months, and much longer than that in New York media. The impetus for the attacks were… six years of him dining out on 9/11. And the "drawling hero" Barbour has tossed contracts to his relatives and pals, which seems like the last thing you want from a post-Cheney VP.