Cory Maye


Over at The Agitator, I've posted some photos and long, rambling thoughts about a recent trip to Mississippi and the Cory Maye case.

I've seen requests in several comments threads for an update on where the case stands.  I hope to write up a summary later this week.

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  1. That broke my heart, Radley. Excellent piece that should be syndicated in every newspaper, magazine (especially that one that Bush reads), and well-balanced, to boot.

  2. magazine (especially that one that Bush reads)


  3. damn good work you are doing on this issue, balko

  4. magazine (especially that one that Bush reads)


    No, this one.

  5. Haley Barbour, why don’t you pardon Cory Maye?

  6. I’ve made the drive from Prentiss to Jackson about a dozen times now

    I’ve still got you beat on that one. I’d say you should stay in Collins but commercial airplanes don’t fly out of there.

    a massive catfish restaurant with an always-bustling parking lot

    Jerry’s Catfish on 49? The thin-wall concrete monolithic dome that looks like a moonbase?

  7. Radley –

    thank you for your work.

  8. Balko, you are sure as shit doing the Lord’s work on this case. Keep up the good work. I always get angry when I read your stories, because I get furious at the injustice you describe, but I understand that it’s only because of people like you that there’s any hope that justice might be done.

  9. I second (and third, etc.) the kudos, radley. there are very few blogger about whom I feel that they are really making a difference for the better in the world, but you’re one of them. (katherine at obsidian wings is another.) keep up the good work!

  10. Radley,

    You’ve mentioned Nixon’s support of no-knock raids. Here’s a new book about a guy who fought hard against Nixon on this very issue. I haven’t read the book, but I expect it will have some great stuff backing up your point of view:

  11. (which is also my point of view, and the point of view of all lovers of freedom)

  12. We should stop with the sympathies for Cory Maye, I don’t care if it was a botched no-knock raid, the man shot a cop. Shooting a cop is a strict liability issue.

  13. The black man shot a white cop in mississippi. and dope WAS found. A gateway drug no less. He was headed down the road to hell anyhow.

    >trundles off to sit in the shade of the lynching tree and sip a sweet tea

  14. Radley Balko, you are a great American.

    Juanita, may you never face what Cory Maye has faced.

  15. .. tell ya what, Juanita .. how about passing along your home address and we can arrange for you to thank the jack-booted thugs when they kick in your door..

    .. PS .. hide your dog ..

    .. Hobbit

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