Now Open for Members: The Open Source Party Proposal


Technoculture legend RU Sirius is serious about fomenting political change. Over at the always-interestin' 10 Zen Monkeys, he lays out his Open Source Party Proposal:

I propose a Liberal/Libertarian/Other unity party that will develop ideas and solutions to America's political problems through an Open Source process that will be engaging and fun. We will have online conferences, social networks and wikis, we will have meetups, we will have parties, we will create games that model likely real world responses to our proposed ideas, we will field candidates starting in 2010, get "crazed" anti-authoritarians on TV and radio, and maybe change a few things before the apocalypse, the Singularity, the second coming, the complete conquest of the world by Google, the election of another generation of Bushes and Clintons, or whatever other event you may be expecting.

More here.

The OSPP is meant to be engaged concurrently with The QuestionAuthority Proposal, which goes a little something like this:

QuestionAuthority is an educational and advocacy project dedicated to defending and extending personal and civil liberties and encouraging free expression. Our goal is to create a broad-based coalition of non-authoritarian groups and individuals who may currently be working in relative isolation on single issues, for political organizations and candidates, or in relatively isolated ideological cohort groups. As a cohesive force, we can do more than just stem the tide one issue - or one court case - at a time. We can exercise political and cultural influence by uniting the vast numbers of Americans who believe that the country has taken a radical turn in an authoritarian direction.

More here.

The last party I remember joining was the Uplift Mofo Party Plan (featuring special bonus song), which didn't work out so well. But this is all interesting stuff and worth checking out.

RU writes about our right to death for reason here.

Writes a fantastic book, with Dan Joy, about counterculture through the ages here.