Outlaw Coke—And Pepsi, Sprite, and Orange Crush Too


"Consumer groups" on five continents are launching a global "Dump Soda" campaign as a way to fight the war on fat. The health nannies, uh, consumer advocates, are not only informing consumers about the dangers lurking in a can of Coke, but want government action as well. According the environmentalist group, the Worldwatch Institute:

The groups launched the Global Dump Soft Drinks Campaign at the Consumers International World Congress in Sydney, Australia, in late October. Their demands include asking governments to require soft-drink producers to stop advertising sugar-laden beverages to children under 16 and to impose a modest tax on soft drinks to fund nutrition and fitness programs. The campaign also promotes the marketing of lower-sugar products, selling existing products in smaller portions, and stopping sales of sweetened beverages in all public and private schools, from elementary to high school.

Can a global campaign for mandatory daily calisthenics in front of everyone's dwelling be far behind?  

Whole Worldwatch article here.