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Teaching Kids How City Hall Really Works


Eric Dondero hips us to a pretty funny ad for Travis Irvine, who ran for mayor of Bexley, Ohio, and actually pulled in the mid-single digits in this week's elections.

Click below to view the commerical at

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  1. How long before everybody hits their caps lock and starts foaming at the mouth…..


  3. Apparently 2 minutes was the answer.

  4. Lamar,

    I was just taking one for the team, and also trying to make your wait as short as possible.

  5. Should be a link to our interview with Dondero here, donchatink?

  6. I’m the only REAL libertarian here! I was getting links on Hit and Run when you pussies were still crawling out of your mothers’ vaginas! Giuliani’s the only candidate who’ll protect us from the Islamofascists and the abortion deniers! REAL LIBERTARIANS LOVE SUBMITTING TO AUTHORITY, YOU STUPID FUCKWITS!

  7. Wow, is Reason really linking to the blog of the neofascist narcissist Eric “my dick is firmly entrenched right inside your mouth” Dondero (see here:

  8. Meh. I was hoping for…I don’t know, but that wasn’t it. Waste of bandwidth.

  9. Speaking of “how City Hall really works” I hear a certain B. Kerik has been indicted on multiple counts of corruption and lying to government investigators. This makes even me wonder about his chances of becoming Attorney General in Dunderoo’s dream Presidency.

  10. This makes even me wonder about his chances of becoming Attorney General in Dunderoo’s dream Presidency.

    Nah. Head of the vastly expanded NSA.

  11. is Reason really linking to the blog of the neofascist narcissist Eric “my dick is firmly entrenched right inside your mouth” Dondero

    In all fairness, when Dondero said that he thought he was talking to a Filipino hooker. So in that context, it was an entirely truthful statement.

  12. I was hoping Eric would be here to comment himself. Since he isn’t I’m sure he’d want to mention that Sunday Nov. 11th is Veterans day. And there’s no better way to show your patriotism and support our troops than to give a fat contribution to RON PAUL 2008 on Sunday. I’m sure we all know that RON PAUL receives more financial support from active duty military personnel than all other candidates combined. Tell them Eric Dondero sent you.

  13. Why all the Dondero hate?
    Me not get it, but me an outsider.

  14. ed:
    Eric Dondero is a Republican party hack with an over-inflated self worth that calls himself a true libertarian and all the other posters here anarchists

  15. “Real Libertarians believe in protecting the homeland first and foremost”

    I’ll assume that’s the statement that sticks in the craw? I’d say most “real” libertarians believe in the right to self-defense. So I’ll hazard a guess that the feud centers on foreign military adventures?

  16. Real libertarians find the term ‘homeland’ creepily fascistic.

  17. If you’re more moderate than me, you’re a pussy.

    If you’re more extreme than me, you’re a nutjub.

  18. And if you’re running for political office in a conservative Texas town and think that using obscene language to brag about all the hookers you’ve fucked is a winning strategy, you’re Eric Dondero!

  19. That’s MS. NUTJUB to you!!!

  20. People who are better rhetorical strategists than libertarians say ‘homeland’ so libertarians will respond with self-discrediting hyperbole.

  21. “Homeland” doesn’t bother me. It’s just a word, after all. The Nazis were the National Socialist Party. Bernie Sanders is a socialist. Does that make him a Nazi? No. Just an atavistic dink.

  22. ed, Donderroooo has posted here for a long time. He has discredited himself numerous times. He has been caught in more than one untruth, and his hyperbole knows no bounds (one ex. I remember is that “real libertarians are 1000 times more interested in lowering taxes than ending the drug war.” News to me.) He gets no respect here, and he’s earned it.

  23. There should be a moratorium on the hipster usage of “hip”. Also (though not represented here) “joint”. I’m sure there are others.

  24. Thanks Nick,

    Honestly, I can’t remember a more entertining, funnier ad ever for a Libertarian Party candidate for any office. It was absolutely brillant.

    I’d nominate it for the best Libertarian TV ad of all time. Any other nominations?

  25. That is a very funny ad. Hats off to Eric.

    Maybe the Ron Paul people should get some advice from Travis Irvine. I guess they’re busy right now giving back the money to the crooks who were making stolen credit card contributions to Ron Paul as a test run on using the cards. But once they sort that out, maybe they can use some of the money streaming in from Neo-Nazis to buy some better prodction on their ads.

  26. I respect Eric Dondero.

  27. “Real libertarians find the term ‘homeland’ creepily fascistic.”

    For mindless sloganeers, it’s all about the words.

  28. Interestingly, Mr. Dondero was interviewed by Urkobold. I fear you face a dilemma. A conundrum, if you will.

  29. Thanks for the hat tips you all.

    You know why that ad is so hilarious? It’s self-deprecating.

    You gotta watch it a couple times. Didn’t catch it at first. But Travis screws up in his patty-cake game, and stumbles when he tries a cartwheel.

    Of course, the ending is the best, with the kids asking for the pizza.

    Total deadpan response.

    This guy makes us look good, cause he’s mainstream, he’s hometown-ee, and he’s got a sense of humor.

  30. You’ve gotta love the honor among trolls in this thread. It’s like when Catwoman, Joker, Riddler, and Penguin temporarily put aside their differences to disrupt the United Nations in the original Batman movie.

    Of course, I’m thinking Ron Paul would have been on the side of the villains in that one.

  31. Woohoo! I’ve got some new lines for the CV – “mindless sloganeer” and “person who responds with discrediting hyperbole.” Of course, I’m not sure anyone will be impressed when I cite Ed and ‘commenter so anonymous he doesn’t even leave a fake name’… eh, fuck it, I’ll lie.

  32. The only thing funnier would have been if Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman’s drunk-assed wife came crashing through the fence at the end of the commercial. Bexley seems to be her target of choice when driving DUI …

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