Gillespie on Radio 8AM-9AM ET, Talking Ron Paul and More


I'm on Wisconsin Public Radio's excellent Joy Cardin show this morning, from 8AM to 9AM ET. The topics include Ron Paul, the love for libertarians so far, and probably some stuff about cheese.

For more info and a live stream, go here.

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  1. Break a leg Nick!
    I’ll enjoy a switch from KPBS for the morning.

  2. I got to hear about 10 min of Nick answering call-ins. Very disappointing, he was talking up Ron as a crazy, gold-bug, conspiracist, racist. For shame Nick.

  3. Sounded good – text-book plug at the end!
    Have a good weekend and thanks for Reason – great site.

  4. Public Radio? Mr. Gillespie has no shame!

    Or should I say Comrade Gillespie?

  5. Nick you sucks ass. Seriously, he’s more free minds/free markets than anyone in the race and you try to marginalize him.

  6. I didn’t get a chance to listen to the show, but I’ve seen some negative remarks about Dr. Paul’s monetary policy on Reason. Does Reason magazine not perscribe to Austrian economics? Could someone explain that to me?

    I thought libertarians would decry central banking monopolies and interest rate controls. As Murray Rothbard has described, had the government not stepped in, all the inflation and bank runs in the early part of the century were leading the market quickly to choose full reserve banking and commodity currency. Why not trust the self interested decisions of the individuals who form the marketplace. Why have government step in with a centrally planned monetary system.

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