The Cabal Reveals Itself


Our friends over at Jewcy, the magazine for "new Jews and other riffraff," have started a brand new blog devoted exclusively to politics. So in addition to the always insightful and amusing "Daily Shvitz" blog (which today features a vital debate between contributors Izzy Grinspan and Andy Selsberg on the advisability of the hipster beard), Jewcy launches The Cabal, where the Learned Elders of Zion will plot against America in the open, after having been cruelly unmasked by Messrs. Walt and Mearsheimer.

Scrolling through The Cabal's stable of contributors, one notices Jewcy Associate Editor Michael Weiss, who described Russia's cyber war against Estonia for us back in August, and Daniel Koffler, who has also contributed to these pages.

A few samples from the inaugural day of The Protocols of the Elders of Jewcy. Koffler on the "National Review's stupid defense of torture":

Thirdly, any discussion of torture for the sake of the GWOT is bound to be misleading if it does not take account of the hyperbolic, wolf-crying tropes that government officials employ every time a suspected terrorist is apprehended or a plot foiled. (Gregory Djerejian has a good summary with commentary of one instance of the sort of thin gruel we're talking about.) Whether it's a small group of Cherry Hill, NJ poseurs diabolically scheming to attack a heavily armed and armored US military base with weapons they didn't have, or a lunatic who hoped to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch, or UK-based terrorist scoundrels who might have succeeded in hijacking planes to the US if wishes were ponies, or that weirdo who packed his shoes with C4 but didn't have the means to detonate it, the US (and UK) government(s) have consistently, deliberately, shamefacedly overhyped, oversold, and outright lied about all these and many other purported existential crises. (DHS might admit, sotto voce, that a particular plot "was not technically feasible," but why should nuances such as these stop a hack like Murdock when he's on a roll.)

The New Republic's Jamie Kirchick wonders why the American Prospect employs one Robert Dreyfuss, former "Middle East Intelligence Director" for Lyndon LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review:

Finally, neither Boyd, Yglesias, or anyone at the Prospect has responded to my queries about Robert Dreyfuss, the magazine's "Senior Correspondent" on national security and foreign policy, who is a disciple of Lyndon LaRouche, or about their magazine's hawking his LaRouche-published book on its website. This reticence is understandable, considering how embarrassing it must be to have such an individual as a colleague at your place of employment. But that won't stop me from bringing it up.

Interesting stuff all around. Catch up on the day's blogging here.

reason Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie and former reasonoid Tim Cavanaugh had a mini-Suck Magazine reunion at Jewcy last spring.