New frontiers in prison privatization.

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  1. I noticed that in hippy circles that prison privatisation is one of the fastest riasing things to complain about. I don’t know how I feel about that.

  2. “The irony is that I don’t drink now,” he said.

    So, that’s the irony!

  3. highnumber

    He’s referring to the fact that he’s investing in a wine-storage facility but won’t be enjoying any of the contents.

  4. I wonder if we’re not too far away from prison cells that all sport little gold tags on the doors stating who or what group is “sponsoring” the cells, for the public good you know. I’ll bet that if there is a tax break offered in the deal than it’ll happen.

  5. It’s like rain on your wedding day.

  6. Gee, thanks, Mr Bartram. The ol’ reading comprehension skills are lacking. See, I thought it was even more ironic that he was purchasing the prison cell that he was once held in. I thought his irony detector needed calibration, but, most certainly, mine is out of whack.

  7. This must be one of those really slow Ron Paul news days.

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