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I'm Not Sure Where It Fits, But I Think This Post Is Part of the Plan


Matt Labash profiles the notorious Republican operative Roger Stone, recently in the news for (allegedly!) leaving an opponent an intimidating phone message. Labash paints Stone as a postmodern performance artist cum trickster figure, part Donald Segretti and part Br'er Rabbit—a fellow who carefully cultivates an image as both a bullshit artist and a man of intrigue, confident that it will work to his advantage if no one is ever sure which mode he happens to be in. Stone's current target: New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer:

When I called Stone for this story, he asked if I'd gotten all the anti-Spitzer emails. I told him I wasn't sure, it seemed like I'd been receiving five a day for months from all sorts of mysteriously named accounts. "Good," he said. "It's working."

Hat tip: Roger Stone, I think. I've been getting those emails too. This was in one of them.

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  1. Stone’s current target: New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer

    I like him already.

  2. If this is the same guy I’m thinking of, Bush I got in trouble for having him his campaign because Stone and his wife were caught as a swinger’s club.

    I saw him on TV once with the wife (who was hot as hell). Blow dryed-beach boy blonde dandy. He wore a pinkie ring on one hand. Ewwwww.


    Stone’s time-bomb tendencies brought a major life-change for him in 1996, effectively ending his career in mainstream presidential politics. While Stone was serving as an unpaid adviser to Bob Dole, the tabloids got hold of photos of Stone and his second wife, Nydia, striking come-hither poses in swinger’s ads, putting out the call for bedroom playmates with exacting specifications: “no smokers or fats please.”

    OK, Dole, not Bush.

  3. Well, to be fair, “no smokers or fat[ties]” are not really “exacting specifications.” It allows for all manner of butterfaces.

  4. It allows for all manner of butterfaces.

    Not if the butter has trans-fats.

  5. “no smokers or fats please.”

    What, the man was ahead of his time. He foresaw both the looming tobacco bans and the obesity epidemic in one short statement.

  6. The point of LaBash’s article seemed to be that this stuff is cool when Republicans do it, but wrong when Democrats do. For conservatives, at least, the only crime is getting caught.

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