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It's been making the rounds for about a month, but I just now spotted this capture of Fred Thompson's appearance on Wiseguy: the "White Supremacy" arc, where he plays arch-bigot Knox Pooley. It's up at Reason.tv.

Watch John Cassavetes slug Ronald Reagan here.

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  1. Yep. Not shillin’ at all.

  2. Crime Story was better than Wiseguy, and with the lone exception of The Sopranos, both were better than any cop/mob shows that came after them.

  3. Fine, so he can do Tancredo. How hard is Tancredo?

    If he can do a convincing McCain, then I’ll be impressed.

  4. Damn, I’d have sworn I saw Aidan Quinn in that clip, but can’t find proof. Wiseguy was a great show, BTW. And yes, Crime Story was even better.

  5. that Reagan clip is somethin else… Dave, I swooped… but with nod

  6. Paul Guilfoyle! Always a bonus seeing him in a clip. He also played a white-supremacist in Miami Vice. He was however, at his best as the smooth and deviant but murderous artist “Milton Glantz” in Vice episode “Death and the Lady”.

    Bonus clip of Crockett getting moody (in german) from that same episode.


    This is an open thread, right?

  7. Fred Thompson does a damn good F. LeMur.

  8. Besides all that stuff about the Jews, I thought the guy made some good points.

    I’d love to see a candidate hold up a mirror to his fawning audience and tell them that their problems are their own damn fault. My guess is I won’t see that happen any time soon.

  9. Cesar–

    Oh, so F. Le Mur is known around here for that? I thought he picks up on my only.

  10. If you put Fred’s wing flappin’ together with Dean’s squawk, we could have ourselves a hell of a bird. Throw in Giuliani’s beak and we’d have the new G-Force.

  11. OT:

    Heck of a game between VT and BC.

  12. Syloson:

    Just heard the about the result mentioned in the Col-Bos game. What a time to be a New England sports fan!

  13. iih,

    Well, I am watching the Rangers v. Barcelona now.

  14. Wow. I never considered the guy before but were it real, this bit of theatrics would have me feeling some sympathy for him. Not that much, because I am, after all, Jewish – but some.

    Considering as genetics (coupled with some life circumstances) forced the masses of people into the lower strata of economic success, I entirely understand these people’s drive to use every means available to improve their lot. The struggle to survive is a competitive one and what you might lack in business skills you might make up for in raw anger and hatred, expressed through the spitfire of an automatic.

    Have a nice day.


  15. Well, I am watching the Rangers v. Barcelona now.

    Was that on espn? I think I tuned out soccer out of my mind. I am starting to realize how boring on average it is.

  16. That game was one for the ages.

    How does a kid spend 56 minutes being Rex Grossman, then turn into Tom Brady for the final 250 seconds?

  17. Wow, that there was some cheesy TV.

    Why did the visibly disgusted guy in that greaser haircut leave his glowing neon “I’M UNDERCOVER” sign at home?

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