Shout! Shout! Shout at the Pundit With Views Antithetical to Your Own!


If you're grooving on (and if the comments are any indication, you are), check out Political Shouting Match, a new project by some of the web heads behind Reason's sites. It's not a straight-up blog aggregator and it's not a "rank what you like" site like Digg: It collates the smarter, more substantive bloggy takes on issues and tosses them together, Thunderdome-style.

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  1. Two issues enter, one issue leaves, excellent!

  2. Howdy-

    Just thought I would chime in (since my company built the site).

    What’s really cool about is that Instead of depending on visitors to post and up-moderate content, it scours A-list blogs and uses a social rank algorithm to generate and order links from the content referenced on those blogs. It also lets you see exactly what A-listers are saying about a particular story, by clicking on a small arrow next to the post title.

    Our social ranking system finds meatier links and better analysis (with fewer celebutante upskirt photos or pictures of cute animals with poor grammar).

    We hope you all like it.

  3. I’d like to see a reason version of the McLaughlin Group. On each show you could have a talkfest with different flavors of libertarianism represented: Paleos, Austrians, hipster libertarians, LPers, green libertarians, beltway libertarians, RLCers, Club for Growthers, the Norquist qroup, term limits people…

    “On a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 representing impossibility and 10 representing complete metaphysical certitude, what is the chance of Nick Gillespie not wearing black tomorrow????” WRONG!

  4. Why are all the blogs America Hatin’ Surrender Monkey Communist Dupes?

  5. Why are all the blogs America Hatin’ Surrender Monkey Communist Dupes?

    Amen! I always thought LGF was full of pinko scum.

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