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We're extremely happy and proud to announce the launch of, a brand-spanking-new site that will be the home of a series of video-journalism pieces created by the incomparable Drew Carey. will also provide a one-stop site for all sorts of video related to reason magazine and the good folks at reason foundation, the nonprofit that publishes the print and online editions of America's only media outlet devoted to "Free Minds and Free Markets."

At right now, you'll find a tantalizing preview of the work Drew is doing, as well as choice clips from recent TV appearances by reason staffers such as Nick Gillespie (on Bill Moyers' Journal), Jacob Sullum (being called a pinhead by Bill O'Reilly!), Brian Doherty (discussing Milton Friedman's legacy of liberty), Kerry Howley (on Fox News' Weekend Live), and Radley Balko (testifying before Congress on your inalienable right to gamble online). There's also a great video blog called rough cut.

It's all at Go there five minutes ago.