Friday Funnies

Long ago, in a country far, far away


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  1. Is it me or does that kid really look disturbed due to the fact that his dad is wearing no pants?

  2. Is that dad pantless?????

  3. Unless he has wooden sticks for legs, he does indeed have pants. Beige ones.
    Hairy beige pants.

  4. Nah hes got pants, if you look where the pant cuff ends, you can see a skinnier black ankle sticking out. The hairy ass is confusing though, maybe they are ass-less chaps?

  5. Hairy beige pants.

    Great name for a rock band.

  6. Is it just me or are Reason’s comics starting to really suck? There were so many other Libertarian ideas that they could have drawn up happening other than smearing Centrist Politicians, some being more Statist than others.

  7. please fire chip bok.

  8. Um, what is the point of this? That before these people it was OK to read to a kid while pantless? Ah! so it is Bush’s fault that going pantless is tabu! Yet another thing we can blame Bush for!

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