AP News Feed, Straight from the Heartland


Here are the domestic and international news feeds from the AP, served up via that quintessentially American newspaper (no disrespect intended), The Cincinnati Enquirer. I'm not sure if the headlines read as found poetry (move over Scooter!), or signal the beginning of The Rapture. Or maybe it's a continuing sign that we've been in The Tribulation for the past several centuries. To paraphrase Fox News, you decide, gentle readers. Or to paraphrase Bill O'Reilly, shut up.

National AP Headlines
Updated every 15 minutes
World AP Headlines
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  1. Is it me or does the CIncinnati Enquirer get a disproportinate amount of Reason reference?

  2. Gee, I wonder why I read the news at

  3. They have stories of vital, crucial interest to the world we live in.

  4. I don’t understand the value of this post. Not to be snarky, but can someone ‘splain it to me?

  5. Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t it a good thing that there weren’t any bombs going off, plane crashes, or mining disasters inside the US yesterday?

  6. Yeah. I would have liked to see Ron Paul at home, and a Myanmar update overseas. Otherwise, meh.

  7. gaijin,
    According the recent hard copy of Reason, Nick has moved back to Oxford, OH, which is a distant suburb of Cincinnati.
    What’s the story?


    You missed that one.

  9. During the trial, jurors watched more than an hour of a security video of the hoax call. On the video, a nude Ogborn is shown performing sex acts on herself and Nix.

    I thought pornography was illegal in Cincinnati.

  10. This post makes me feel stupid, because I can’t figure out the point. Assuming there is a point.

  11. There is no point. That’s the point.

    You’re welcome.

  12. I’m with you, Max.

  13. Sixstring – is that you? my very first one?

    the one I got at the five and dime?

    Those were the best days of my life. You remember how I played until my fingers bled? When was that now… Ach. Quite a few years ago…

  14. “You remember how I played until my fingers bled?”

    Yes, I remember, and you were awful.

  15. a-men, Sixstring. A-men!

  16. The links always come from Nick. I assumed he’s from the ‘Nati.

  17. There’s a phrase on this side of the pond that seems apposite:

    “Dead Belgians Don’t Count”.

    It summarises, rather succintly and elegantly I think, how domestic news works. Unless said Belgians died in a suitably interesting way, they’re just not going to get reported on much since there’s no emotional “hook” for the target audience. It’s the same way that all air crashes involving hundreds dead always mention the one or two Brits who made up part of that number.

    Now, we could discuss what this means in the larger context of society, the news industry, etc., but I don’t think the AP example given is unique in any way.

  18. “Dead Belgians Don’t Count”

    It’s human nature: the same everywhere.

    The more interesting comparison would be between the the National Feed in the US versus the National Feed in other countries.

  19. so more stuff happens in the world outside the U.S. which has 5 billion people than in the U.S. which has 300 million?? who’d a thunk that?

  20. Did you ever notice that National AP Headlines have names like Lenny, and World AP Headlines have names like Carl?

  21. Nick, please pick up the phone.

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