Don't Be Stupid, Be a Smarty, Come and Join the American Institute of Architects


According to the Los Angeles Times, the Navy plans "to spend as much as $600,000 for landscaping and architectural modifications" at a base in Coronado, California. Seems people had started to notice what four buildings looked like when viewed from the air:

Google Earth

Apparently, "the shape of the buildings, designed by local architect John Mock, was not noted until after the groundbreaking in 1967—and since it was not visible from the ground, a decision was made not to make any changes." Then Google Earth came along, and word started to slip out.

I love the name "John Mock," by the way. His website reveals that in 1974 he was named "Mr. Masonry" by the Masonry Contractors Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties—obviously a sign of a Masonic-Nazi connection.